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Mercedes-Benz CLS550 Coupe

I'm seroiusly thinking of getting the 2008 CLS 550 Coupe. However, I read in a Consumers Report that the CLS has a "less than average reliability", as well as an overall rating of 73 (out of 100).

This has me somewhat concerned. I was wondering if anyone could corroborate the above review.



  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    Not sure about the review but I dont really think you should be concerned about the cls review.

    CLS is really nice I haven't heard about much troubles about it...

    Do post a review if you get the car.

    My dad plans to get this car I am not sure when.
  • tomw5tomw5 Posts: 9
    I just ordered a new 2008 CLS 550 Diamond White edition and am anxiously awaiting its arrival. I saw my first CLS - the CLS500 - in Las Vegas several years ago, and was in awe with that style. I had never heard of that series, so I had to copy the model down, go back to the hotel and imediately look it up. Ever since that day, that has been the car of desire. I know many Mercedes lovers do not like the profile lines - it was that view that hit me the most. What a magnificient car. This Diamond White color combination really makes the car. So many are black, which is great if you live where you never have to worry about keeping that color absolutely spot free. I don't, besides black absorbs heat from the sun light more so than any other color. I can't wait!
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    Congrats how long will it take until it arrives. Can we expect a review here when you get the car?
  • tomw5tomw5 Posts: 9
    I had an email last night from the dealership and they plan to ship it to me today. I expect the truck here sometime around noon or so. I will keep you informed...
  • tomw5tomw5 Posts: 9
    Last night at about 4:15 PM, our new Mercedes arrived. It was everything I had expected and more. You must understand, last Friday was the first time I had ever driven a Mercedes. We drove a CLS500 (the local dealer did not have any 550s) to see what it drove like. I have never seen a more complete automobile manual - 473 pages! We had it out on the Interstate last night and put about 30 miles on it. Passing a truck going 65 was as though he was parked along the road. I haven't had much time to do much as yet, but will have time in the coming weeks. I will keep you informed. I would imagine most of the folks that read or post here are long time Mercedes owners and probably have had numerous models over the years. This is my first Mercedes, so everything I discover about what this car has is a totally new experience for me. It kind of reminds me of visiting Minneapolis with a couple that had never been out of the state of Iowa and how impressed they were with every facet of that city - like buildings that were taller than that couple's barn, for example. I feel like I am sure that couple did then.
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    Hello, First of all Congratulations on getting your CLS, and secondly sorry for late in reply, I haven't been in Merc thread lately.

    Thier hasn't been much CLS reviews here, No I am not a Merc owner, But all of my family including my dad uncle auntie has owned several benz in the past and still do, which are all S class.

    Since its been over 2 months having your CLS, any experiences, likes,dislikes?

    Btw, I have also test driven the bmw X6 inline 6 amazing car, I prefer suvs over sedan, So my next car will probably be an suv,

    I do not like Merc suvs, The only benz I prefer are the S ,CLS,and the CL.
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    Still no reply?
  • Also Hello, First of all Congratulations on getting your CLS. I am new to this forum. I am also thinking about buying a cls, but not until next year. I have driven an E class in Germany a few years ago, and doing 126mph on the auto bahn is something I will never forget. I've been driving a Eldorado for the last 5 years which is front wheel drive and since I live north of chicago I was wondering how the CLS would handle in the snow because it's rear wheel drive. Since it's a Mercedes I'm sure it will be just fine. Does anyone have thoughts about that and of course the dependability . FYI on TOP GEAR on the BBC channel, they have been replaying it so see if you can catch it. They loved the CLS 63amg. The dependability also came up....
  • schluteschlute Posts: 12
    Have had my 2009 about a month now and think it's a great automobile. Tons of power, smooth ride, quiet, good highway mpg, not so good city but not bad for this much power.
  • Is the new v-6 CLS 280 going to be sold in the USA any time in the near future?Does anyone know what the MSRP will be.
  • If you live were it snows, please keep us update on how well it drive in the snow. That is one of my concerns because I live north of Chicago. Thank you
  • schluteschlute Posts: 12
    Sorry, it doesn't snow where I live. There is a button to change the transmission to either comfort or sport mode. In comfort mode it is easier to not start out with as much torque. Another button will raise the whole car a few inches to get over snow ruts or car wash tracks etc.
  • I'm hoping that I'm just missing something, but I can't get my outside rear view mirrors to adjust downward when I put the car in reverse. I've tried everything in the manual and I can't make it work. What am I doing wrong?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  • Thanks for the information about the comfort mode. I'm sure that's what I will be using.
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    If you live were it snows, please keep us update on how well it drive in the snow. That is one of my concerns because I live north of Chicago. Thank you

    Since your concerned about the snow, I suggest looking into the bmw X5,

    But if your interested in the coupe,there is also the x6 which every1 says its ugly.

    I suggest,in fact I insist looking that look at both of these cars before choosing the CLS.

    Plz keep us updated.

    Thank you.
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
    Hi, coryhoehn10,

    I notice you haven't gotten a response here -- you might want to try entering your question in the "Ask the Community" box on the right side of this page -- it's a great way to get a quick answer to a quick question.


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  • hey bmlexus
    I have my heart on buying a MB. I love the way the CLS looks but if I decide not to get the cls I would look at the E550 4matic. I want the keyless go for sure. I will keep searching the web for info and I'll keep everyone updated. Thanks for the info.
  • i leased the cls 550 last year and i have a lemon law suit agianst them now.
    i have been to the dealership for over 17 times in a year and a half.
    beautiful car looks wise and performance. terrible day to day issues and problems that makes me hate the fact the i drive one.
  • Sorry you are having problems with your cls. I've had my 09 since September and have had zero problems and love the car.
  • Thinking about getting rid of my X3 and getting a CLS. The X3 has 35K miles and never been in the shop except for the (free) scheduled oil changes and service. I like the car but hate the very rough and harsh ride. I have had several M-B's in the past and always found them very reliable, although expensive to maintain. I suspect that may well be the case today. I don't want another BMW but might consider the Audi A5 which I like about the same as the CLS. One thing that does concern me is the visibility from the CLS, that swoopy style has to have some effect. Is it something you get used to or is it a very difficult thing to live with? :confuse:
  • schluteschlute Posts: 12
    my 09 cls550 is great and a real head turner. no problems at all. would like to find chrome wheels but so far no luck. only want the ones just like came with it only chromed because they changed the style for 09 and it's one of the few cues that it is a 09. people talk about the sight line out the rear sides but it's never been a problem for me so i guess you get used to it.
  • Thanks for the quick response! I guess I will just have to drive one to see if the rear sight line is a problem. I love the look. :D
  • I have a 2008 and LOVE it, I have had ZERO problems. I would definitely recommend it.
  • I have the same problem, even used the button in the car to call the Mercedes help people and they couldn't do it. If you figure it out, tell me. My friend has one and hers' works.
  • I am at about 13k, and it is time for my first maintenance. It is a leased vehicle, any chance it will be free? I'm afraid it is going to kill me!

  • I have a 2009CLS550. The COMAND System is equipped with Bluetooth and it synced seamlessly with my cell phone and uploaded my phonebook. The problem is that COMAND automatically reversed all of my entries. I enter names as First Name, Last Name and the system recorded that as Last Name, First Name so I have to speak the names backwards. What's worse is that it also garbled entries that contained a name and location such as John Doe Home. It recorded these randomly as Home John Doe or Home Doe John or Doe Home John so that that there's no uniform system for such entries. When I discuss this with Mercedes the initial reaction is that they never heard of such a problem, something I find hard to believe. After getting a long runaround calling different service centers I finally got someone who also never heard of this but, after discussing it with his colleagues, got back to me and said that this is the way the system works and it can't be changed. The whole thing is idiotic - why would you design a system that defeats the customer's preferences. Has anyone else run into this problem?

  • schluteschlute Posts: 12
    My 09 CLS 550 is at the dealer now for its first service, called level A and it is supposed to be done at 1year or 10,000 miles. They told me that it will be aprox 269.00 which is basically for an oil change. They use synthetic oil and a special oil filter which is how it can go so long before an oil change. They also check a lot of things. It is spelled out in the maintenance book in your car. Mine also had a recall to update the "tele aid" module" at no charge but it ads an hour to the service. Don't know if I will keep going back but since it's so seldom it is probably worth it for resale etc.
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755

    Did you ever go and test drive1?

    My friend just told me today that his friend bought a cls63amg few months back,I think in 2009 and he already wants to sell it!
  • rhansen1rhansen1 Posts: 2
    Just leased a 2009 CLS550 with AMG style package, prem package and parktronic. 83K+ msrp, 7k discount, 39 mo 12k miles for $1,084/mo (inc. 9.25% sales tax) and $6K down.

    Tried a BMW 550i that was loaded loaded and they wanted $5K down and $1,169/mo but the car was a dealer demo and had almost 3K miles. Also looked at a lexus GS350. They were talking $900+/mo with $1,500 down for a vehicle with msrp in the low $50k.

    The MBZ was so much better looking, couldn't pass it up.
  • byczyrdbyczyrd Posts: 5
    Congrats, I just bought my first Mercedes Mar 28. 09. I live in north of Chicago and I was looking for an CLS 550 2008 with the Keyless go and all the other toys . I was working with a few dealerships close by but none were too be found. I went on the internet and found one in Annapolis Maryland, they made me a deal I couldn't turn down. My wife and I flew out there, they picked us up from the airport and treated us very very well. I guess when you buy a car like that it's to be expected We drive it home the next day, which the drive back in the CLS550 was wonderful. Good luck on ours. -Bob
  • marcosimarcosi Posts: 3
    I just acquired a 2007 CLS 550 (Silver iridium) and am thinking about adding a rear trunk lid spoiler in the OEM style (a slender lip). Curious what other owners think about adding that styling element. I suppose there is some aerodynamic functionality as well but guessing that is extremely minor.
  • schluteschlute Posts: 12
    two thumbs down, can't believe you would even consider it
  • I own a 2007 CLS 63. After 3 years of ownership, this is the best car I've ever owned. In fact, I just put a deposit down to order a 2010 CLS 63. Hoping it will be here in November. The AMG version of this car is just awesome, but the normal 550 is no slouch either.
    Regarding reliablility, I have had no problems, other than a few bent rims from the severe pothole problem in the Milwaukee area. Everything else was normal maintenance. Admittedly, this is a bit expensive, but not unexpected for a $100K+ vehicle and with synthetic oil, its only once a year.
    I would recommend to anyone who considers this vehicle to "flip" the summer performance tires that come on the vehicle for dedicated winter tires if you live in colder climate and get any snowfall. There are lots of great winter tires that give up little in performance but that allow the car to be driven in inclement weather. The combination of a different compound and special tread design on winter tires make the car very drivable in winter. I have never been stuck or even come close.
    My experience may be helped by the fact that I have a trendous dealer here in Milwaukee. My son lives in Chicago, owns a CLS 500 and has had miserable experience at two different dealers.
    Glad to answer any questions of anyone who is seriously considering this car.
  • marcosimarcosi Posts: 3
    OK, that would be a "no". Anyone else have an opinion?
  • I'm strongly considering leasing the CLS 550 but i'm a bit concerned about not being able to use the car during snow/winter weather. Can anyone offer me any advice or opinions on the subject?
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    Hey, did u receive ur cls63amg yet? I think you should have looked at something else, owning the same car twice is not exciting. Also there will be a completely redesign cls sometime in 2010 end.
  • new owner of a 2008 CLS 550 and totally loving it. bought my car on ebay from columbus, ohio and had her shipped down to texas. so far so good!!! i switched from the 7 series BMW after 12 years of leasing a new one every 3 years and wish i'd made the switch much sooner!!! any recalls on the car anyone may know of? i was recently told the clear plastic tape on rear panels in front of tires has been recalled. anyone know about this?
  • You must have purchased a lease return! My 2008 is almost done with it's lease, and I have to make the tough decision of keeping this one, or purchasing a 2010 CLS! I absolutely LOVE the car.

    I haven't heard about the recall, but my car is about to go in for its check-up so I will ask at the dealership and reply.

    This car has so much power, drives so well, I am just still, after two years totally in love.

    Have fun.
  • napsternapster Posts: 3
    Hi, I am considering getting a 2007 CLS 550 as I have heard only wonderful things. What recall are you referring to? Also, is there a difference (or more problems) in the 07 versus 08?

    Thanks in advance.
  • mmm1mmm1 Posts: 54
    I have the opportunity to buy a low mileage, 07 CLS at a very good price from a good friend. He loves the car and has taken great care of it. I have driven Lexus' for the past 17 years and am absolutely sold on them mainly because they have bullet proof reliability. The reason that I am considering the switch is that I think the Merc CLS550 is the most beautiful car on the road and for that reason am considering buying this '07 despite future reliability concerns. I would appreciate any comments on the CLS reliability and the manner in which the dealerships address problem areas (I realize that dealerships vary significantly in customer service are). Guess I'm looking for the comfort zone here. Thanks.
  • marcosimarcosi Posts: 3
    I bought a 07 CLS with 39k miles about 11 months ago and since then have put on about 10k miles. Have been very satisfied with all aspects of the car except for the occasional buzz or rattle I hear from the door or the dash. Had about a dozen small/cosmetic things fixed up by the dealer under warranty and was satisfied with the work and the process. Other than that I have had no mechanical or other problems. Will be bringing it in to dealer for first servicing soon since it's on a 10k oil change schedule. Forgot one item: squeaky front breaks. Dealer tells me it's due to the type of pads used and normal (??) . When I get new pads am told that the ones they use now don't squeak. Very happy with performance and other ownership aspects.
  • mmm1mmm1 Posts: 54
    Thanks Marcosi. Increases the comfort factor.
  • mmm1mmm1 Posts: 54
    I bit the bullet and bought a 2008 CLS 550 with 5200 miles on it and a full dealer warranty until March 2012. Car looks like it just came off of the showroom floor. A few weeks later I went to get in the car one morning and noticed that the left side was lower than the right side. Called dealer's service dept and they said don't drive it, we will send a two truck to bring it in. Next day dealer calls and says that the left rear air spring/strut is bad. They replaced it and the replacement strut was also bad. They put another one on, kept it for 3 days to be sure it didn't leak air and all was well. No cost to me of course since car was under warranty. Got up to 105 mph on a long, straight country road and it was just as steady as if it were on rails. Wife went catatonic when she heard that---doesn't think a 76 year old should drive that fast. Won't tell her next time. Love the car.
  • I recently purchased the 2008 cls 550 with the sports package and it was all over the place on ice and snow. However, thanks to comments from others on this site, I purchased 18" Blizak snow tires from tire rack. The car now handles great on the Chicago ice and snow filled roads.
  • 2008 cls 550. sweet ride. Rear wheel drive. How is it going through the bad Chicago snow storms ? Or on the ice highway ?
  • Hey guys, I don't know if this is the right place to post that but didn't find anything and am in rush so will go ahead and ask!
    I am a student in us and am doing my opt, I am also planning to buy cls 2012 and after 6 months want to ship it over to europe!
    So my question is what steps do I need to take to ensure I can ship the car over to europe?
    Your answer is highly appreciated!
  • gw9gw9 Posts: 1
    Bought an "immaculate" '08 CLS 550 in Jan 2012. Had 40,000 miles on it when I bought it. Now has 50,000 mi. Loaded with all the extras. Cosmetically flawless, sounds great and runs like a Scalded Ape. At 45,000 mi the required "A" maintenance was needed, which costs about $800 including the annual oil change. It's now September 2012 and in the 9 months i have owned the car I've spent more than $6,000 US on repairs. All service has been done at MB dealers even before I bought the car. Last week I had the dealer replace the passengers side front shock / suspension unit for $2,200. I hope the other three hold on for a while. I will need new tires before yearend, a set of 4 Michelins runs about $1,700 US (installed).

    The CLS 550 is a GREAT driving experience and a real head turner of a car. BUT the caveat is that a high performance vehicle is NOT a low maintenance vehicle. This car has more than 400 BHP and is very heavy for its class. As a result, the wearout is much faster on tires, brakes, suspension, steering sensors, etc. which is where most of your repairs will be. Engine and and drive train are still in top condition. If you can afford the upkeep to constantly replace worn out brakes and suspension and tires, it's the most thrilling 4 door saloon you can buy for less than $80,000.
  • Yes! I've heard of that, I'm on my 2nd CLS' 2008 and 2011. Both had the same issue, and my 2012 is a new Bluetooth system, you don't need to buy the $800 thing to make it work.

    That cracks me up that "no one" at Mercedes has heard that, of course they have.

    The navigation is MUCH better, but still not as good as the programs on your phone!

    The telephone sound to people you call is awful, everyone complains.

    Still I love the car, and might buy a 3rd when the lease is up.
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