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MDX 2004 - Rear view camera

hnikdelhnikdel Posts: 6
The rear view camera on my 2004 stop working. When put the car in reverse, the screen goes blank. The nav system and other screen menu options work ok. Any idea how to trouble shoot this. My acura reference manual shows the location of the rear view camera control unit. How do I know that the control unit is bad?


H. Nikdel


  • Chances are the control unit/camera head is fine. I just made such a repair this afternoon. The symptoms were the same. The camera was just fine.

    Open the rear hatch and look to the upper right for the convoluted rubber conduit that goes from it to the jamb. Pull the ends off their respective holes and check out the wires inside. The hatch design is poor--the flared hole in the inner structure saws through the wires. It's a simple solder repair, but it's a bit of a PITA to do (Honda doesn't give you much extra wire with which to work).

    There should be five wires that go from the quarter to the hatch: small red; small blue; cream, yellow, and large red. The large red is a coaxial line and is not friendly to repair (but it can certainly be done). At the multi-pin plug at the camera end of that harness the large red wire splits into pale blue and gray (going from memory here).

    The dealer quoted $1,400 for a camera head and installation--NOT INCLUDING whatever other repairs it would have had to make had it found any. You can bet your sack of donuts that it would've charged for that wiring repair as well.

    The funny thing was that I had just finished the exact same job (but for taillight/trunk lock in trunk lid) at that shop on a BMW Z3 M roadster when the shop owner told me about the MDX camera issue. Apparently this isn't an isolated problem.

    When you do the repair, check the wires on the other side of the hatch. Their insulation is likely damaged. If you're good with a soldering iron, the repair will take about two hours. If you have an honest shop, the repair will take a few hundred bucks. Avoid the dealer--it will likely want to replace the harness (BIG $$$).
  • hnikdelhnikdel Posts: 6
    Thank you for taking the time to respond. Do you have any picture of the wiring and the conduit it goes through. That would certainly help.

    Thanks again for all your help,

    H. Nikdel
  • I have a problem with camera too. Mine screen just blinking when I switch in reverce. Is it a camera problem or not? Do you also know what each wire on camera are for, I'm thinking to by universal one to put instead but I'm not sure if it will work with my navigation. If you have can you provide wiring diagram for navigation and rear camera.
  • Don't know if you are still around, but I wanted to thank you for helping me fix the same issue on my new (used) 2004 MDX. Saved me a lot of bother and money!
  • ericb2ericb2 Posts: 1
    I have read a couple posts regarding rear view camera's not working and the fix being the wires in the tailgate. My rear view camera is not blank but looks like an old TV when you have a bad signal and scrolls lines and is totally unusable. I was wondering if it could be the Camera control unit and where is it located.

  • I got the same problem in the same MDX 2004. when I backup and the screen turn blank but the navigator and system still work very well. I don't know how to fix. I went to dealer and asked them for that problem then they said: " we will fix that problem and it cost around 1k5," ..... I give up.lolz.
    If anyone can help me how to fix that ...I'm very appreciate for that. Thanks.
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