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Dangerous New Toyota Sienna!

sfurgy88sfurgy88 Member Posts: 3
edited March 2014 in Toyota
Recently, we purchased a brand new converted Toyota Sienna to accommodate my wheelchair. For about the first six months we had no problems. In February, the van would not start (no battery issues). It was towed to the local Toyota dealer and after a week and a half it was finally determined that the problem was a defective fuel pump. At the time, I was in college and ended up missing a whole week of classes because there is no public transportation in our area and no one could find an accessible rental van. A few months later, we are in the same situation again, but the dealer and the company seem to think its more important to point the finger at each other rather than fix the vehicle. Fortunately, I'm on summer break so transportation is not crucial, but why should I be restricted from leaving my house for such a long period of time.

It's unbelievable that no one will take responsibility for the problem and figure out a way to compensate me for the losses I have incurred. After realizing that there was no quick fix to the problem, we did some research and found a rental van four hours away from here. They are now charging us $125 per day and everyone is refusing to reimburse us. It's now going on more than a week and no solution has been given. However, the mechanic did mention that they are concerned about the gas tank over heating. So now I have to worry about my safety while driving in the vehicle!

If anyone has any suggestions about what I should do, please let me know.


  • hblurhblur Member Posts: 5
    I would contact the Disabled American Veterans (they have a Web site) and they can be helpful sometimes (eventhough you may not be a vet-they are helpful anyway).
    I would also think you should call your congressman.
    The big Toyota outfit should know about this. This is a real problem and you need some help here!
  • hblurhblur Member Posts: 5
    A guy I know who is in a wheelchair asked me a question about Bluetooth. He is getting a Toyota Sienna which is outfitted with a ramp and driving gear since he is in a wheelchair and has only partial use of his arms and no use of his legs.
    The Bluetooth in the Sienna is (I think) like that on my 2007 RAV4: not entirely hands free. You have to hit the “off hook” switch to answer a call and have to hit a button to say a name and hit another to make a call.
    The problem is that he cannot hit those switches. He needs it to be completely hands free.
    Would anyone know if this can be accomplished?
    Ear pieces are bad, too, since they usually have to be activated with a finger touch, so far as I know..
    Thank you in advance for any light you might shed on this.
  • sfurgy88sfurgy88 Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for the advice, I will definitely look into both those ideas.
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