Mercedes CLK 320 2002 -Trunk won't open

slb1964slb1964 Member Posts: 1
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Remote will not work, release in car will not open and the valet key does not open it either. I cannot get in the trunk.

Any suggestions on the cause?


  • zilos96zilos96 Member Posts: 1
    ok im having very much the same problem with mine. and i was wondering if you had recieved any suggestions so far. I am in desperate need to get into that trunk. nothing has
  • lanceb17lanceb17 Member Posts: 1
    i am having the same problem did you find a fix? remote alarm when used to lock doors, lights flash but doors won't lock also
  • tjcigartjcigar Member Posts: 8
    I saw an ad for this car at a good price. However, since it's rear wheel drive, I hear it's a stupid bet on a rain/snowy winter day and I live in the northeast. Which I hear is the same problem with all rear wheel drives. I'm confused though, I have a friend w/ a 2010 CLK, basically the same car and she says she has absolutely no problem in bad weather, the car is a dream. Has Mercedes changed this model to front wheel drive in their newer cars?
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