Freestyle Idling

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Had trouble with surges and low power,dealer cleaned mass air flow sensor, let you know if this helps. I've seen people with similar problems


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    I checked my air filter at 16,000 miles and found it very clogged with might be brake dust. I changed it and the vehicle seems a little more spirited and mileage went up. I think if i waited until 30,000, little air would get through.
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    Interesting that Ford recommends a 30,000 mile interval on changing the air filter - seems like most makes still recommend 15,000 mile intervals.

    I'm usually big on deferred maintenance but air filters are cheap and easy to do on most cars and a dirty one will hurt your mpg a little.

    Edmunds recommends 12,000 mile intervals.
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    so far everything is ok, no more problems. I change my air filter every 10000 miles. but never heard of a mass air flow sensor getting clogged/dirty. hope they were right.
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