Cobalt-air conditioner problem

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My wife bought a brand new 2008 cobalt about 6 weeks ago.Last week the air conditioner stopped working.We brought it to the dealer hoping for a minor problem.Not to be.The dealer told us the compressor was freewheeling as in snapped shaft.The dealer has been trying to get a replacement compressor but there is none in the system to be had,and they have no idea when one will be available.So they at least gave us a rental car,but have no idea when a compressor will be available.Anyone have a solution or similar problem?Im wondering where these compressors are made?


  • spartaeusspartaeus Member Posts: 2
    A month later and we are still waiting for a compressor from CHINA!
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    Delphi closed the Moraine Ohio compressor plant to shift production to Mexico. The Mexico plant can't produce units so company is trying to supply from China, Europe and South America but can't meet demand. Consider lemon law claim if available.
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    The solution is instead of holding your car & charging for a rental & causing stress. They could easily go get a compressor from one of the many cobalts sitting on the lot and get you on your way. I guess that would be to easy, good customer service might make someone want to buy a Chevy instead of a competitor. Probably won't happen but if enough people started suggesting it maybe they would finally get it. They can wait on the part instead of the customer. Customer is always right. Right!

    Anyway, check your local pick a part. Good luck!
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    Has anyone ever heard of their air conditioner having this problem? While driving at normal speed my car acts like it has just got stuck in mud bogged down then let's go and then my cobalt is okay for a short while (15-30 secs) then it happens again. I've driven my cobalt without my A/C and this problem doesn't happen.Does anybody know what i should do? I've taken it to the dealer and they can't replicate it "In the shop" Duh i say, you've got to drive it to replicate the issue.Help anyone. :confuse:
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    I have a 2006 Cobalt LT that is no longer under factory warranty I live where its hot hit 105 today with alot of humidity I was driving with the A/C on and went to slow down and it acted like it was going to cut off. I drove it to my friends house and parked it, went outside a bit later started it fine let it run, no lights on etc has oil, so turned on the a/c while it was running and within a minute or two it died completely again no lights on. I verified that the battery and alternator are good...Im wondering if its the compressor but its not making any weird noises and the air is still cold and working any ideas?????????
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    Could be normal. I drive a 2005 Equinox and I noticed that when I'm stopped (red light or heavy traffic) in "D" with my foot on the brake pedal and my air conditioner's compressor comes on it gives me the same feeling that someone as just reared me gently (a small jerk). The vehicule seams to want to move forward. Got me surprised at first and the dealer said it's normal. I always had air conditioning in all my cars since 1975 and it's the first time that this sensation happens but I didn't notice anything while driving except for a higher R.P.M. and that's normal. Another little thing that's weird is that sometimes I have some vapor coming out of my vents and frost on them as well and it's the first vehicule that does that.
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    Ohh I see okay thanks...well I took it in to the dealership yesterday and had two recalls done and they couldn't duplicate it so hopefully your right the problem I was most concerned with was how it just plain died completely. But they also said the fuel induction system may need to be cleaned so I may try to do that next week as well. Thanks for the advice have a good day!!
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    This info is the last straw. I was trying hard to make up my mind to buy or not to buy a new '08 Cobalt as I have substantial GM card rebates and the car could be bought at a low price. If GM has stooped this low and they are using defective Chinese made A/C compressors now, they can keep this car.
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    I don't think GM has stooped any lower than anyone else. Everyone is using Chinese made parts. In fact, Toyota and GM share some parts along with other auto manufactures. You would be surprised where auto manufactures get their parts from nowadays. GM was forced to outsource its parts from over seas to stay competive because all the Japanese car makers import their parts.
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    To Poncho 167,You are half right. It is true that GM thinks that their way to salvation is buying anything made in China. However, the Japanese transplants purchase a high % of their parts here in the US. The Japanese do not see an advantage to ship an item half way across the world, when they can obtain it locally. GM has told it's suppliers to move to China.
    I worked at the Moraine plant, 21years. I worked on the R4,DA/H6,CVC6,CVC7 compressor lines, mostly machining. The compressors made at Moraine achieved world class quality, that was before the closing of the "new"Moraine plant,Aug,312007. 1 line went to China, and 3 lines went to Mexico. Nothing gets done in China without "greasing" the workers. The Mexico plant can not get the quality, or the production numbers. Have heard that they are moving everything to China soon. We were a dedicated workforce, inspite of the incompetent management. BTW we were IUE not UAW. We had 3 pay tiers, no pension for new workers, half pay to start, 15 years to reach pay parity. Even an agreement till 2011, that Delphi broke.
    As for the compressor that will not work, shaft failures were virtually unheardof.
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    If anyone has a Cobalt compressor that is running, but not cooling, try this. Check for the correct R 134a pressure. When they changed over from the Cavalier to the Cobalt, Lordstown had a problem with getting the correct freon pressure. The pressure changed(went down) with the Cobalt, therefore some of the Cobalts were overcharged. There were several notices sent out, but were slow to correct at Lordstown. This was in the first year of production.
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    No problems so far on an 09 Cobalt LT1 delivered in September. AC worked fine and the heater is the best of any car I've ever owned. I have to turn it down most of the time . It really puts out hot air - a politician would love the Cobalt.
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    I think I may have this overcharge problem. I bought my 2006 from the dealership 1 yr ago and the a/c worked great, but this yr not at all. I can hear the compressor. We thought it needed a charge, but when we put the gage on it went up into the red! How do I solve this? Is it as simple as just releasing some of the pressure?
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    Always wear safety glasses with freon..., when you checked pressure, I assume you used a gauge on the R134a can or a gauge on a hose unit you bought? You did not have a gauge that connects to the high side?

    Was the car running? Normal pressure in summer on both sides of a non working unit would be about 100 pounds. But when you turn on the AC with the engine running, after several minutes the pressure should come down to the correct region on the gauge you are using as the compressor pumps the freon into the high pressure part of the system to make it lose heat under pressure.

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