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Just bought a 2005 Ford Focus.They had added nitrogen to the tires for various reasons, like better mileage, etc. I never heard of this before. Does it really make a difference?
Also, we were charged $99.00 for license plates,later finding that under the dealer plates covering the license,that the plates woudn't expire for another 5 months.We immediately brought this to their attention. Buyer beware...


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    Nitrogen in your tires won't give you any mileage improvement if you're the type that pays attention and keep your tires properly inflated. What nitrogen does do is maintain that proper tire pressure longer since nitrogen diffuses through the tires at a slower rate.
    So what you're really getting is less of a mileage loss by not running on underinflated tires.

    Some people say that tires will run cooler as well, but I haven't seen any hard info on that.

    As far as staying at pressure longer goes, I'd have to say it does. A buddy of mine owns a tire shop and we did an experiment on my bicycle. Bike tires tend to lose pressure fairly fast and mine do maintain pressure much longer using nitrogen, so I'm certain that my car tires are as well. When I rotate my tires I've certainly had to adjust pressures less, but I'd never let my tire pressure get too low, nitrogen or just air.

    Since it doesn't cost anything more to use the nitrogen, I use nitrogen in my cars. If it cost extra, I wouldn't because I pay attention.
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    In New Jersey, dealers can by law only charge you the MV fee you would pay if you went to the bureau yourself.

    If you want to transfer your current plates, then you should tell the dealer.

    It sounds like the dealer was just assuming that you wanted new plates and charged you for new plates.

    Incidentally, in NJ it costs $44.50 to transfer plates, get a title and register a lean. In your case, you would have to pay another one year registration in five months. Accordingly, assuming the transfer would have cost about $50 in your state for another 5 months vs. paying $99 for a full year, I can't see how you are claiming you were getting ripped off.

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    I have been racing cars for about 17 years. The reason that you would consider using nitrogen, is because it is more stable then regular air. It doesn't expand or contract when heated or cooled like air. The harder the tire, the less friction. The less friction the better your over all mileage. Now if the tire gets to hard you might start to loose a little traction in some situations, but this would be under extreme driving conditions. So with nitrogen, you can run the air pressures in your tire SLIGHTLY higher because as the tire warms up under driving conditions the air is not going to expand and over inflate the tire. Conversely, when the tire cools in the winter or cool mornings, the tire will not be under inflated when you start out. We are talking a couple 3lbs (with air) here for a street vehicle. On my racecar, it is more like 7 to 9 lbs. in a longer run (with air) Oh and neither Nitrogen or air should be "seeping" thru the tire. if the tire is getting low. you have a bead leak, or a hole. GET IT FIXED.
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    I have a 125K on my 01 Focus wagon and have not been satisfied running BF Goodrich Touring T/As. Admittedly, I have only had all for wheels aligned twice since buying this car new. This may have resulted in uneven wear and noticeable tire noise.

    I am now thinking about going with a pair of Michelin-X Radials, which will go on the rear as required by the retailer, while running the two good remaining Goodrich T/As on the front.

    I will probably keep the Focus for at least two years as I have maintained it well and it is in good running order. Any feedback on tire replacement experiences good and bad from Focus owners will be appreciated.
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    Im planning to get some studless snow tires for the winter. My 2008 Ford Focus has TPMS sensors installed. If I don't get them on my snow tires, then the light will be all winter correct?

    The sensors alone range from $25-$35 a piece. I'd figure I'd save a few $$$ and check my tire pressure manually.
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