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Buick Ranier Total Satisfaction

sdosssdoss Posts: 1
edited July 2014 in Buick
I am on my third Ranier. I have never owned anything in my life more reliable, dependable and comfortable. I have had hardly any problems whatsoever with these units and would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone. I also purchased one for my daughter and she loves hers as much as I love mine. As for repeat customers........count me in. I hope I can find another low mileage unit before they are all gone.


  • XtaczXtacz Posts: 1
    I have owned many vehicles over the last 30 years and the worst was a 2004 Buick Rainier purchased last year with 24,000 miles. Since last year I experienced a fire in the steering column, defective ignition switch, failure of the water pump and fan clutch, now I have a fault in the emission system that requires a $600 fan. So far to date I have spent over $2,000 in repairs on a vehicle with 24,000 miles. I will never buy a GM product again and I sincerely hope the American public wakes up and allows them to fail just like every other company with bad management and sub-quality product. Also, I found it interesting that the VIN number is the same as another Buick Rainier located in New York, Interesting since I bought this vehicle from a GM Dealer.
  • I too love my 2006 Rainier, with 45,000 miles. It gets good 19+ mpg and is very dependable. Unfortunately we are forced to sell it now, because of family problems.
  • Just purchased used 04 Buick Rainier-29K-Orig btry failed 2nd day-left unit idle for
    4-5 days- went to start-no gauges working (except tach & speedo) - drove 30 miles
    then low fuel alarm came on and gauges started working while waiting at stoplight.
    Continued on our trip and it didn't occur again. I put liquid wrench in key switch &
    will see if this will help.
  • tony1234tony1234 Posts: 1
    edited February 2010
    I have replaced the transfer case, transmission, 4 decoder motors, 2 front axles, front differential, 2 wheel sensors and $9,000 later the front wheels still will not operate correctly. Can anyone recommend any aftermarket companies for any of these for mentioned parts? I need to start all over but need HEAVY DUTY engineered parts other than original equipment. This vehicles features, ergonomics, style, comfort and ride are satisfying so I would like to get this paid for car working like it should. This car worked fabulously until the odometer turned 75,000 miles and all hell broke loose. One problem after another. All the normal lube maintenance has been and was done according to the manufactures manual. I don't plow, tow, off road or abuse this SUV in any way. It just breaks often. I am frustrated so if there are any suggestions on alternative repair manufactures I would appreciate a reply. Thanks Oh! Failed to mention that the speedometer and gas gauges do not work properly. Not gonna fix those yet until I get these four wheels working.
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