Mercury Mariner Rear Hatch Window

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Anyone else find that the rear hatch window does not lock. The Hatch and the doors are locked but the window can be opened. This is very scary since anyone can get into the car.


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    We just bought an 05 Mariner and noticed that the rear window doesn't lock. If you lock the vehicle everything else locks and the rear window will open but it sets off the alarm. We're not sure if something is broken or if it is some kind of flaw in the system.
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    Mine does set off the alarm also. When I first got the Vehilce it did work. Not sure when it stopped working since I do not usually try to open the hatch window when it was locked. Nothing seemed to happen to make it stop working. I think it is a flaw, especially since others have the problem, but Mercury will not do anything about it. Very frustrating. :mad:
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    I also just recently noticed that my back hatch glass on my 05 mariner isn't working. I never really tried as well to open while it was locked. I meant to grab something so told hubby to unlock the car so I could grab it but I grabbed the lever to open the door BEFORE he hit the remote to unlock & realized that the door wasn't locked. In thinking back, I noticed that every time I would get out of the car after driving it while I had teh doors locked, I could still get in the glass hatch but just thought it had something to do with the driver door being unlocked.

    I am very concerned about this not locking as anyone can get in my car. I have 2 young babies & can't afford to be stressing over this. I did see an article that 135k ford escapes & mercury mariners were recalled end of 2004 due to faulty back hatches on the 2005 year models. We didn't even buy our car until July of 05 so now I'm concerned that we were sold a lemon. How do we go about getting this hatch issue resolved? Anyone know?
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    I have a 2009 Mariner V6 Premier with 13,000 miles on it and have had numerous problems with the air conditioning unit. When I first bought the vehicle, the outside temperature gauge would say it was - 45 degrees outside (in April in NJ!) Now, I have taken it repeatedly to the dealer because the driver's side blows cold air even though the cabin temperature control is set to 75 degrees or higher. The passenger sweats while the driver freezes. Might be considering viewing the Lemon Law info...
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    I had a noise in the rear of the drivers side. It was a bit of a squeak and occurred everytime I took off from a dead stop. I took it into the dealer and they thought it was a rear brake problem. They got it to stop on the driver's side and then it was on the passenger's side. They couldn't make the correction so they called Ford Motor Co. They were told to replace the drive chain in the transmission. Has anyone had this problem? Listen when you accelerate, it is not a really noticeable sound, but this repair would have cost me a fortune since it entails disassembling the transmission.
    Has there been any recall for this issue?
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    I had exactly the same problem crop up in the winter of 2009-10. I am an original '05 owner.

    It cost me $100 for a dealer to fix it.

    It is not enough of an issue to be considered a lemon.
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    Even a change/upgrade to a "rated quiet" tire from a major US manufacturer did not lessen the rear end ... rear noise on the highway or even local roads above 30 mph.

    It is either the tires or wheel bearings or who knows what.

    Has anyone found a fix for this?

    It is a rotating noise that speeds up as you go faster.
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    My friend has a 2010 Mercury Mariner. When she was closing the Rear Hatch Window the glass just shattered. Nothing was in the back of the SUV to hit the window. It was freezing out, but windows are made to stand the cold temperatures. She had it fixed before I could look at it. Has anyone heard of this happening on any of the Ford vehicles? I found someone that had a similar problem with a Mountaineer. She filed a report with Ford.
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    Did you ever get this problem solved? I have been having the same problem for years. Brought the truck in numerous times and they can never find anything.

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    I never took it in because I did not want to spend the $100 to just have it checked out. One day I unlocked it from the outside and head a hard click.
    Then all of a sudden it is working again.
    Good Luck.
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    I never took it in to the dealership to see if they could fix it :( I see from someone else that it cost them $100.00 so I'll have to take it to our dealership here to see what they say cost will be. Everything seems to be more expensive in Southern California :-s
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