Pontiac Parisienne Hesitation

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I have an '86 Pontiac Parisienne Safari with
around 38,600 original miles. It has a 5.0L 305 V8.
When I start the car after it has been sitting for
12 hours or so, it seems to run a bit roughly.
I've found that this roughness will gradually
disappear after a few minutes of driving, but if I
stop for more than a few seconds within the first
minute of driving (to make a turn or stop at a
light), when I hit the gas to move again, there is
a delay of several seconds between pushing the
pedal and the car actually moving. When I push the
accelerator in this situation, the engine does NOT
rev or speed up at all - it remains at idle as if I
have not even touched the pedal. If I hold the
pedal down for a few seconds (ranges from 1 or 2
seconds to as many as 10) the car will suddenly
lurch forward and drive normally from that point
on. It has never stalled out completely in this
situation; it just refuses to respond immediately
to the gas pedal. It does not matter how far down I
push the pedal; the engine speed is still not
affected (though several times I have inadvertantly
stomped the pedal all the way to the floor to try
and get it moving, and when it finally "catches" it
lurches forward unexpectedly). This ONLY happens
within the first minute or two of driving. What
could be causing it?

-Andrew L


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