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TSX Base Audio System vs Technology Package

habiemhabiem Posts: 22
edited July 2014 in Acura
I'm seriously considering purchasing an '09 TSX, but was curious if anyone had any input on the audio system on the base model vs the upgraded system with the technology package. To me, the navigation system is really not that appealing, but if the audio is significantly better, I'll probably splurge and get the whole package. As a frame of reference, my previous Infiniti had the Bose audio system, which was fantastic - I'd like something comparable.


  • screamacescreamace Posts: 5
    I just got a base 09 tsx and my old car is a 2000 infiniti I30, which has Bose audio system. I think the audio on the new tsx is great, very close to the Bose on the I30. Though on I30 I tuned the Bass to +2 and on tsx I have to tune to +5/6 to get the similar result.
  • I saw no reason to pay for the navi package. The base system sounds quite good.
  • Have had a 2009 TSX for over for the last year+ and have put over 40K miles on it... Love the technology package! And the ELS sound system is awesome.

    However, the speakers Acura uses are very questionable. Have them show them to you! Have had to have four of them replaced in the doors. Not happy...

    Must look to after market to replace.....
  • If you really don't need or want nav then you should be fine with the base stereo system. It is as good as most other car manufacturers upgraded systems.
  • I would like to purchase and install a new nav system in this car. I am going to install an in the dash unit.
    Which ones are the best: Kenwood, Alpine, Pioneer? Did you get any electronic faults after the installation? The ones that are offered by the car manufactures are not that good. I really hate that big knob thing and they charge a lot of money. What are the costs? Also, if I want to add a backup camera. I am in southern california.
  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Posts: 813
    which model-the 08 or the 09-the 08 does not have the big knob-it is touch screen or voice activated. Personally in you want in-dash nav I would personally just buy the tsx that has it. I have nav in my 06 tsx-love it
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    Why spend all the money to have one installed after market. Technology is so fast, it'll be outdated soon. Plus, it would totally take away from the car's interior. Just get the navigation package or get a plug and play navigation. Not to deter you from doing this, or dog on your seriously, one month later, everything is outdated.
  • ..the stereo is great in the base (good enough for me), I don't live in an area where I would benefit from real time traffic updates, and if it breaks out of warranty I don't want to replace it just to be able to listen to the radio. I also choose to save the almost $3k in my "lose a job savings account" which I hope I never have to use but even if I don't it's a good start to the next new car after I drive the wheels off of this one.
  • Just wondering if anyone has had luck...with the 2009 tsx with navigation system reading and showing the music cd name and song names while playing while playing?
  • hdjcpahdjcpa Posts: 15
    I have 2010 4 cyl auto w/nav and my display is perfect. I have a flash drive plugged into the usb port and it plays & displays everything perfectly. The same with the CD player. Now, if it is a "home-made" CD theat you are playing, and the music files do not have the album or music info, then it will not display.
  • thanks. If i plug in my ipod....or use the xm radio everything (song title and album title) will display. It is just the cd...original-store bought....not a copy cd that just shows track number and cd number....but it does not display any other information on the screen...hmmmm.....i wonder what that is?? I guess i will call the acura service dept....unless anyone else knows about this. Again..thanks for your response.
  • gator00sigator00si Posts: 61
    The base system in my 2010 TSX V6 only comes with a single disc cd player compared to the tech with a 6 disc. My base '07 TSX I turned in off lease had a 6 disc which was $29k and the $36k V6 base only single disc. How does that happen??? They are obviously trying to differentiate the tech system from the base to encourage people to get it (not sure its worth the 3 or 4 extra grand though). Way to screw that up Acura!
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    Though I plan to get a new lease soon within a year, but my 08 G6 comes with leather, 6CD changer, XM, remote start. All for a price of about 24k. My 06 Accord before had a 6CD changer and it was just an SE.

    I think they failed at the point where most cars come standard with the changer. It all sounds silly, but for a $36k car, it really should come standard, especially when they put them standard on most of their honda's.

    Though, I don't listen to the changer as much as I did on my Accord, because I have XM radio and an Ipod input. So a single probably wouldn't bother me as much, but for a sound system to be so stripped down on a car of that price is a little annoying.

    It has to be marked up by a big margin. As VW is pretty much including their navigation on most of their main stream cars standard! You can pretty much get a Jetta SE with nav now, and not pay a several thousand mark up. You will pay for the feature, but it is so small, that its so worth it. Get a non base model VW and more than likely you'll get nav. As they roll off the truck like that.

    People want nav, it is a point where it should be standard, but not at an expense of of $2-4k.

    No big deal, but something silly. :)
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