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Lincoln MKX Navigation Questions

lizz39lizz39 Member Posts: 1
I have had the 2008 MKX for about 3 months. Most of the time the navigation system works fine. However, at times the sound will just go out. The stereo will lower, but the voice that gives the directions from the nav. sys. cannot be heard. The signal that a turn is to be made, also cannot be heard. It will eventually start working again--in a day or so. The dealer cannot find the problem. Has this occurred for anyone else?


  • glakesdivrglakesdivr Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2009 MKX. The whole sound system has gone out with a loud crash. So loud I figured the speakers were all damaged (as well as our hearing). After cool down the unit works. It has done this four times so far. dealer replaced the amp but sent the new one back because the rear speakers didn't work with the new one. I am still waiting for another amp. It's been 3 months!
  • drepasdrepas Member Posts: 2
    Three times in the last year my Sync system made such a loud noise I thought someone hit my car. It blew out my door speakers and now I cannot have phone conversations as the sound is too low. I've had it to the dealership 3 times. The last time they replaced a module and it worked for 3 days. This time the car is still at the dealership and after 9 days I call to find out the part is on back order. No idea when it will come in. They lent me a Ford Fusion. I'm paying for a MKX and driving a Fusion. No Navigation System, no Sirius, No Jukebox with my CD's, no EasyPass. All so inconvenient. I'm so disgusted. I think it is a lemon that cannot be fixed. Other than pursuing the lemon law, what options do I have? Should I try a different dealership. Why would this part be on back order? Does Ford want to tick off their customers.
  • drepasdrepas Member Posts: 2
    Glakesdivr, Is your sound system fixed yet? Mine isn't and I'm very upset. Is the dealership helping or are you pursuing the lemon law?
  • mkxfanmkxfan Member Posts: 1
    I just had my 09 MKX looked at for the sound problem. They did a TSB 10-8-2. Reprogramm the dsp module.
  • radar1170radar1170 Member Posts: 2
    I recently purchased a 2007 MKX. I got a new 2010 map update cd from the dealer. but when i put it in the cd player, it reads bad disc and ejects it. Since there were no installation instructions with the disc, does anyone know if I am doing something wrong, or is it truly a bad disc
  • akirbyakirby Member Posts: 8,062
    There shouild be a menu option to load the nav dvd.
  • robw64robw64 Member Posts: 76
    The map update is not a CD and does not get inserted into any of the 6 CD positions that are available during 'normal' audio use. It is a special map disc and gets loaded into a dedicated slot which is located behind the main panel of your nav system. There is a menu button which causes the motorized faceplate to drop out of the way and eject the current map disc. You then load the new disc and follow the onscreen instructions while it calibrates. Very easy, really.
  • radar1170radar1170 Member Posts: 2
    Got it .
    Thanks a lot
  • twrhoadestwrhoades Member Posts: 1
    Thanks however, you provided half the info. What is the process for getting to the dedicated slot? I have a 2010 MKT and can't find out anything in the instructions on how do do this. I have the new version of the map data.
  • wballen66wballen66 Member Posts: 1
    Hi. I have a 2013 MKX and have a strange issue that I've never experienced in any other car. That GPS on the nav is never in the right place. It shows that the vehicle is much farther behind on the road than it actually is. Also, it will switch to another road all together, never accurately showing where the vehicle actually is. I thought the recent software update as well as new SD Nav card would fix the problem, but it hasn't. Just wondering if anyone had any advice before I take it to the dealership. This isn't a huge problem, but it really makes using the navigation system useless since you are never in the correct position. The system needs to be re-calibrated somehow but no one understands what I'm talking about.
  • hjl122hjl122 Member Posts: 2
    I have the same problem. Has your problem been resolved? How?
  • terry143terry143 Member Posts: 1
    I have the same problem. Has yours been resolved.
  • hjl122hjl122 Member Posts: 2
    Seems to be fixed after 3rd time in and dealer taking issue to Ford engineers.
    Service comment was: Faulty SD Map Card. Performed master & hard reset. Performed pinpoint test under 415-00. DTC B1215:00 present cleared DTC. Installed new SD Map Card. Hope this helps you.
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