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Acura MDX window questions

lnexplnexp Posts: 2
edited May 2014 in Acura
Hi, guys. I just bought a new 2008MDX one week ago. I had some bizarre situation this evening, about my car windows. Here it is. I parked my car outside, and I am positive I fully closed windows b4 I left car. However, when I came back to my car after 60 mins later, all 4 of my windows rolled down exactly same level (not that much, but at least 1/4). I felt so confused about this strange situation. Is there anyone having similar experience, or this is something advanced tech I didn't know? Anyone can explain about that? I do really appreciate it.


  • comet123comet123 Posts: 9
    i have a honda odyssey....had similar experience. I think it is the remote control. If you hit it once, it will lower the windows.....maybe if you press it 2x, ? It is something to do w. the remote control....It is designed to do that...I think :)
  • upstatedocupstatedoc Posts: 710
    The new MDX has the auto down window feature. press and hold the unlock button and all four windows will go down (sunroof opens too). Wish it had auto up feature as well.
  • lnexplnexp Posts: 2
    Thanks guys. That's what I heard actually. I mean, I didn't realized this feature at all. I mean, I guess lots of cars right now have such things. Again, I appreciate your guys sharing
  • dms9dms9 Posts: 137
    Have you seen the movie Christine??

    Just kidding, its the key fob. There is no other way all the windows could be exactly at the same level. Don't forget to check the sunroof, that opens too.
  • I have the same problem. I picked up a 2009 MDX a few weeks ago and a number of times I have found all 4 window about a quarter of an inch down. If you hold the unlock on the key it roll the windows down. But thats not the case here. Just weird.
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