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Greetings. How are you Entourage owners fairing on your brakes? I do not own a Entourage I own the Kia Sedona, which is where the Entourage comes from and just had to do my front pads at only 11,600 miles. I do live in Puerto Rico where it is hot all the time and 90% stop & go so I do understand how I would wear them down much faster then the average driver but I still think 11,600 is a bit fast. Others have reported needing their rotors turned at 14,000 or so. So how are you guys fairing on rotors or pad life?


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    I have about 32,000 miles on my Entourage. Had to have the rotors turned at about 18,000. Just passed inspection in late April. Don't need brakes yet. Had it in the shop for the junction box replacement, dealer didn't charge us to cut the rotors.
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    I had the van in on 8/25/08 to replace the link assembly- stabilizers on front end ( fixed for no charge, under warranty). The wife drives it 90% of the time, she said the rear brakes were making noise. So indeed the rear brakes needed to be replaced. Also, they resurfaced the rear rotors, since the pads started to cut into rotor. Like posted before, I'm at 34,000 miles,but you would think that just 3 months earlier, I had it in for inspection and the tech let the rear brakes pass. Did he even look at the brakes.
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    Just got our van back after having to have the front brakes replaced.I'm at 36,500 miles. Since the rotors were cut at about 18,000, they had to be replaced. But, heres the kicker, the dealer replaced the front rotors under warranty. Only had to pay for the pads. Am I just lucky or do the rotors fall under the 5/60 bumper to bumper? Not that I'm complaining.
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    Had the swaybar links replaced under warranty at 24,000
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    Hi, experiencing rear brake issues. It appears the clips rust and do not allow the pads to float. This causes them to wear quickly (while making squeeling sound after brakes warm up).

    Can someone please tell me how to remove the front and rear rotors?
    Much appreciated.
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    maddogp, Go to this site for info and shop manuals: will have to sign-üp but its free and then you can see all the service bulletins the tecs see. Good info. Also, check the bolts that hold the calipers on the vehicle for loose bolts as this will cause a bumping sound on rough pavement. I just had this to happen on a 2007 van and the service department and Hyundai could not find the problem and stopped working on it. I found the problem and fixed it myself.
    Good luck
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