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Is it worth it to order the 2009 Acadia?

carshopper47carshopper47 Posts: 1
I am looking to downsize my 03 Expedition (which I just love love!) because it has 95K miles. I am interested in the Acadia but after reading forums on this site and I am a little nervous. Has anyone heard if the 2009 acadia is going to be a better made car? I read it's going to have more features like the Denali? My other option was the Audi Q7, Acura MDX. My husband is a little nervous about the GMC, he thinks they are not well made.....can I prove him wrong with the 09?
Thank you Cathy (Pasadena, Ca)


  • budibudi Posts: 41
    I have a 2008 Enclave with no problems. I would not hesitate buying an Acadia. If you read any forum including the MDX forum, you will here reports of problems. If you want problems buy the Audi Q7.
  • manufan1manufan1 Posts: 26
    I've had my '07 Acadia for more than a year and there isn't any mechanical problems on it. My only complaint is the MPG. I believe I get 11 local & 17 hwy, with regular gasoline, believe it or not. When I was buying it a year ago some of my friends told me not to, because it was a new model, it is American made... I did not listen. So far I am still loving it.

    All manufactures build good & bad cars, that is why they provid warantee. I personally believe there isn't such a car in this world can meet all your requirements so why not take a test drive first and then decide.
  • kellzkellz Posts: 5
    Well, you're coming from a Ford Expedition, so I think pretty much anything is an upgrade. From what I've read, GM made major improvements for this year, so I'd guess they will make more for '09.
  • What do you want? There are great deals to be had on leftover 2008 models- a lower price and up to $1,750 in offers. The 2009 model will have several improvements such as the direct injection motor. Also new for 2009 are cooled seats, only available in the SLT2 model. If you can do without these and the improvements, you can find a great deal on an existing inventory model.

    Also, I think you will find your SUV is worth next-to-nothing for a trade-in. I have a 2001 Dodge & all the dealers I went to were pretty much $2K under KBB/Edmunds trade in value.
  • grn95grn95 Posts: 48
    Cathy, I doubt if you could prove him wrong. What did you end up getting? GM has made great strides in quality but their service departments have kept me out of a GM showroom for over a decade.
  • mike_sp1mike_sp1 Posts: 43
    Major improvements in the '09 Acadia -- perhaps in direct injection, but GM took out the courtesy lights for the front floors as well as the (hard to believe) glove box light -- they are not even options and thus not available. Imagine doing away with a $ 5.98 (retail replacement cost) glove box light. SHAME!!!! :confuse:

  • nrpmannrpman Posts: 5
    Does anyone know if you can outfit the 2008 Acadia with the 2009 Bluetooth connectivity feature?
  • Hopefully this reply will be permitted. Do a Google search for Acadia Bluetooth and you will glean some sources for people that have investigated doing this or something similar.

    As far as I know, you would have to retrofit the 2009 radio since the BT is incorporated into it. There have not been any wiring diagrams released for the Acadia by GM as yet, so it is a gray area to compare the existing wiring.

    Hope this helps.
  • You might want to try also looking at the Enclave. It's a slightly premium version of the Acadia with sound deadening glass and better body insulation for a much quieter ride.
    Dash is a little nicer with wood trim.
    The only downside I found is on the Enclave is the rear window slopes down which reduces visibility out the back.
    The visibility issue for my wife was probably the deal killer which has made her decide on the MDX instead.
    I liked both cars. MDX has a sportier feel, and the Enclave has a more luxurious ride.
  • polarsandpolarsand Posts: 23
    My .02 cents. I purchased my wife an 09 MDX that I drive occasionally. I have a Honda accord that I put in the shop and I got an 08 Acadia with 3K miles as a loaner for 3 days. Granted the car is a base model. But I found many negatives that I think will apply to any trim (I will exclude base model comments):

    - Many blind spots. I could not even see cars behind me. They totally disappear when they get close by. I got the feeling the rear glass is pointing outwards towards the sky!
    - Very tall vehicle. It might be of good use for a roomier third row and cargo space. But it has a floating boat feel. I swear I felt nauseated at one point from the side to side floating feel!
    - Pronounced steering noise that won't let down. This is a car with 3K miles mind you.
    - Very harsh acceleration. You can feel the car is gathering momentum when you kick it then it decides to go. A lag that I think is very pronounced and annoying.
    - Mid range power is lacking. You kick it down and you feel there is no enough power.

    Honestly, GMC has a lot to work on with this car.

    01 Mazda Tribute
    01 Nissan Pathfinder
    06 Honda Pilot
    09 Acura MDX
  • tjefftjeff Posts: 6
    I own an 07 Acadia, which I ordered new. It's been an exceptional vehicle, and a joy to drive. I assure you that if I drove any one of the Japanese vehicles that you own, I could find fault with them. But I can make one claim that you can not dispute: my purchase of an American U.S.-made vehicle did not add to the trade deficit and budget deficit. Your investment in foreign iron did.
  • 2009 Acadia AWD SLT-2 I am very pleased with my selection. I got everything that was available inc. all the little stuff. Have 19,000 miles on it now and no problems. It is even better than my 2002 Yukon. Great ride and handling, gas mpg in city is over 19. At 50: 28mpg and at a steady 70: 25.4 Except for the Yukon I usually trade each 2 years so I have experience with many GM vehicles, actually I had over 20 new GM vehicles over the years and not even one problem with any of them.
    I would recommend the Acadia to anyone.
  • hi!! you give me points to decide..i have 2008/SLT 1 and ami pleased from my purchase date as new up to 29mon..issues comes up but i believe that its probably
    a wrong diagnose!! So, dealer & GMC Engineers finally fix those issues which lasted for almost 5mons, which push me to have lemon. Now, i am working to have a brand new SLT 2011, its just i love driving it, safe, space, roomy, easy to handle and 7seater ride..mileage is affordable..would RECOMMEND ACADIA TO ANYONE
  • My wife bought an '09 acadia Friday, on Monday the check engine light came on so I tightened the gas cap. Light stayed on. My wife took it to the dealer they added coolant and the light is now off. The dealer wants to keep it wednesday so she can get a loaner. My question is, has anyone else had this problem?
  • It's the timing chains. I just got rid of my 09 Acadia after 2 months of in and out of the shop. I'm done with GMC... I have a Honda Pilot now.
  • john5305john5305 Posts: 1
    I purchased my 2009 SLT new, I have driven it a little over 40,000 miles, It is a great vehicle, with no problems up to this point. I was buying Yukons for years and thought I would try the Acadia for a while. It is very confortable, and has much storage space. As far as the gas mileage:
    According to the dash I can get 30MPH driving at 60. I get a good 20+ in town, I really don't care about the mileage, just so it's reasonable. All in all it's a great car.
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