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2008 Nose Cover (Bra)

gabbottgabbott Posts: 10
edited June 2014 in Toyota
We want to purchase a nose cover for our 2008 Avalon.
Toyota does not make them.
I've found two companies online that sell them.
Does anyone have a recommendation for us?


  • nimiminimimi Posts: 249
    I would recommend that you NOT use a bra. They have a tendency to be hard on the finish of the car: either they rub on the paint or, if they are extremely soft, they collect all the water and dirt underneath and that can scratch and mar the paint. If you really want to maintain the quality of your paint (unless its black or dark blue) have someone apply the 3M paint protector - but it's not cheap!
  • gabbottgabbott Posts: 10
    Nimimi; I appreciate your information. However, this bra is for those trips on the highway a few times a year. We would not have it on full time.

    Each time we take the 100 mile trip to Phoenix, the front end of the car is covered with bugs. Some of them really have hard shells, and can damage the paint.

    I've put the clear 3M stuff on our Corvette, so I am familiar with it and the cost.
  • wynn711wynn711 Posts: 4
    I just purchased an 03 Avalon XLS and the first thing I did was order a Colgan Custom Bra for the car. I have been using Colgan Custom for almost 20 years and they are the best in the business. All are handmade and custom fit to your vehicle and made of the finest materials. The do not bother the paint especially clear coat even when left on wet. I have an 88 RX-7 which has the original paint and it is enamel without clear coat and it has never hurt the paint in any way. This will be one of the best investment yoo can make in the protection of the front of your car. I would not be without one.
  • Wax the car often and after a trip wash it bugs come off easier.

    All of their products are custom made for a specific year/make/model. High end, yet priced lower than a dealer.

    I have only used their products on Toyotas and Hondas, so don't know about other brands that they support.
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