This Rock has Turned to pea gravel!!!

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I am so tired of my Blazer...but i lover her just the same. I NEED HELP...I have been reading all the many posts here and have not seen what i need to do to fix my problems. Many have asked the same question:
1. Must spray ether in it to get it to start if it sits more than a few hours.
2. Idle's like a charm. Runs well, in park. Runs well, in drive.
3. Hit a hill, and forget spits and sputters and won't go up a hill, then cuts off.
4. I have replaced everything you are all suggesting in all these forums, EGR, MAF, full tune up, all O2 sensors( of which it was throwing these as a code), you name it's been done.
Can a transmission issue cause this to not work properly???? My Blazer was running like a champ before i had a new tranny put in. Now, all these problems are occuring, and i can't figure it out. Please for the love of grease and busted knuckles...someone help me!!!


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    I would First look to see if something was left unplugged (vacume lines, fuel lines, etc). If this happened immediately after the trans was installed then its most likely that something of that sort has happened. If it happened maybe after a few days for example then the problem is most likely not related to the new tranny. The description you give sounds like a fuel pressure problem. Please dont go out and buy a fuel pump or injectors until you've isolated the problem 100%. On most Jimmys and Blazers the fuel lines are steel running from the tank to the engine. They are known to rust where they bend over the rear axle and leak. Take off the drivers rear wheel and inspect that area with a flashlight. It should be dry and no gas odor. On the older models the Body has to be raised off of the frame several inches to gain access to the bolts on the top of the transmission. Make sure that there were no kinks made in the fuel lines especially towards the front were they curve up towards the top of the engine. Check the fuel pressure with a gauge. If this all checks out OK then you've at least eliminated the fact that its not a fuel problem.
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    Fuel pressure regulator, fuel pump & filter.
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    We have already replaced the fuel pump and filter...fuel pressure regulator is next..
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