95 Olds Aurora Overheating???!!! HELP!!!

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Hello, I have a 95 olds aurora, and it keeps overheating, then shutting down. I just had an oil change because the car kept reading low oil pressure, and then I notices that the fan was out that cooled the engine, and I was told that it was the temperature coolant sensor, so I replaced that, but it's still overheating!!! Just the other day I was told that it was something to do with an electrical sensor that turns the fan on, but I don't know what that is. Can someone help me, I have a 10 month old son and it's the only transportation that we have, and can afford! HELP!


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    i have a 95 aurora and for some strange reason the car will not go past second gear it only gets stuck like this when the airbag light is on... if the airbag light is off it changes gears just fine ... the first time it started doing this i had the transmission replaced and it lasted for about 8 mnts now its doing the same thing once again ... does any one out there know what this problem might be or how to solve this problem ... the car would be soooo perfect if it wasnt for this one reoccuring problem! and also when the car is in park and the airbag light is on when you change it to reverse or drive the car clunks really hard to the point where my muffler keeps falling off, it hits so hard!
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    dariushenry......you posted your transmission issue in the "95 Olds Aurora Overheating....." thread. You might have more success if you move your post to the "Olds Aurora Transmission" thread or the "Olds Aurora Maintenance and Repair" thread. I'm certain someone there can help you. Did you try to do a Forum search on your issue?
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    Hi! I know exactly what you are talking about and know the fix. It cost me over a grand two times before meeting the lead foreman for Olds to tell me the problem and fix. Problem - the coil packs are too close to the engine block for the 1995 and prior that will eventually lead to big dollars to replace all four/three (can't remember) if the engine gets too hot. Solution - whenever the engine starts to overheat, run the AC preferable the overhead vent near the windshield. This cools the engine off. Trust me, it works, escpecially getting stuck in trafic in DC or Boston.
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    Don't know if anyone replied to your message, but this does not sound good. I have a 2001 Old's SAME problem as you. I got all these well it could be this and it could be that. Turned out that it was the "head gaskets" meaning lot's of money to repair and you'r better off getting a rebuilt engine instead of paying that much for new headgaskets plus other problems can occur. If it is an electric sensor take it in to like a "Napa" store they will let you hook up a machine to for free to test if anything electronic is wrong with the car. However, will not tell you if it is a headgasket problem. My total bill $3,500.00. Re-built engine was about $1,200 labor sucks.
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    My car is idling high, leaking antifreeze, and overheating.... I flushed the radiator, and changed the top hose to the radiator. I don't know what to do????
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    I had my radiator replaced now my air conditor is blowing how air?
  • archielakearchielake Member Posts: 3
    I had my radiator replaced now my air conditor is blowing hot air?
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    we had a 95 aurora that over heated when we were on vacation in s.c. we had the oil changed before we left and the morans didnt hook the panel under the front bumper.that lets the air flow through the radiator. luckly my husband found the problem before it blew the engine.this panel would fall down in front of the radiator as soon as the wind caught it. it was ok when just idling.there are two small pins that hold this panel in place. check it out. its a cheap fix. anytime that you have work on an aurora it is really costly and these mechanics will rip ya off if ya arent careful.
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    i have an 96 auroa and it kept over heating i replaced water pump n flushed the radiator but the problem still wasnt resolved so out of desperation i replaced the small hoses on the resivor it stoped overheating it was the odds thing but worked and only cost 3.95 to solve
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    PROBLEM SOLVED ! You are right, blonde2 , I disconected the small hose from the coolant bottle and I found that the metal nipple that comects the hose to the bottle was plugged up with rust. I blew it with my air nozle and I could heat a "puff'" kind of noise when the nipple got unplugged. A lot of stuff come out of it, and the air started circulating into the bottle. I reconected the hose, refilled the coolant, and now is all good. No more overheating, no pressure in the bottle. It worked !
    Thanks for your advice. I joined this forum just to thank you and also to let other guys know that they should check that out before spending a fortune at the garage.
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    My 1997 aurora overheats and I think it is because the head gasket is blown and gases from the combustion chamber are sipping into the cooling system.
    The gases try to find a way out and usually they go through the cap in the reservoir, forcing with them the loss of water.
    It overheats because the gases start to accumulate and obstruct the proper flow of the water, making bubbles inside the system and the more it heats up, the more water it spits up the cap. A vicious circle.

    If I leave the cap a little loose, and only drive it on the city streets under 50 MXH, and stop once in a while in red lights, while idling and no effort, the gases are expelled faster than they are sipping in, so the car starts to cool off and even goes to normal, but the process is repeated once you start driving constantly.

    Freeways don't work for it any more if driving constantly without stops.
    It's screwed and it has to be repaired.
    At least I can still drive it but very limited.
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    Im sorry to restart this thread but reading everyones issues with their aurora is freaking me out more.I have a 1999 v8 136k, After a week or two of constantly refilling my reserve tank and the DIC still read " low engine coolant", so like I did with my jimmy I went and got stop leak and added that to my empty radiator, after refilling it apparently it didn't fix the leak bc today while driving home from work my "low engine coolant" popped up then in a matter of 5 min my car overheated. I was able to pull off and realized my radiator was completely empty. Just trying to make it another 10 miles home I added more coolant sat for a few mins to work it thru and tried to drive....no cigar..overheated!! I pulled into another gas station opened the reserve to find it empty and added more coolant. While sitting there letting the coolant work thru, all of a sudden poof all the coolant poured out on the ground. Im not sure if I lost a hose, lost my waterpump, I know I had a leak that I could never locate due to never never seeing anything under the car. Now im scared to see what the issue is and the cost....has anyone else had this problem???
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