Is it fuel pump or ignition module?

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I have searched but no one has the answer to my specific problem.

The wife has a 2000 Grand Am. The other day she was driving and it cuts off. After she sits from anywhere from 10 mins to 45 mins, the car will start. She can maybe get 1 or 2 blocks and it cuts off again. No spuddering or jerking. It's like someone just turned off the engine using the key. You can feel it loose power. The lights does not blink or go off. As you feel it die, you step on the gas and nothing happens...but the dash lights are still on. After we sit for a while it will start for a few minutes...then off again. If you try and crank right away, you do not hear the noise from the fuel pump but after you sit for a hear the fuel pump and it cranks.

Question is... is it the fuel pump or ignition module. I would think if it was the fuel pump it should not start at all. But on the other hand, are we letting the module kind of cool down then when we crank it get's hot again and cut the fuel pump off?

Lastly..if I have to change the do I get to it? I hear there may be an access door in the trunk without me having to drop the tank. Can someone tell me for sure?


BTW- I already tried the relay. I bought a new onw and it did the same thing.


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    Are you still having the problem? If so I would have to say your problem is the "Crankshaft position sensor" have that checked out for sure. Hopefully this helps.

    I had a very similar problem with a Buick LeSabre 3.8L engine.
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    i have a 95 grandam 4 cly se 3.1 having trouble it cranks but won't fire when you get it started it dies when you push the gas pedal can anyoine give me a idea on possible problem
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