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Mitsubishi Outlander Periodic Inspection Message

rascal6rascal6 Posts: 2
edited April 2014 in Mitsubishi
Has anyone had this message come up when starting their 2008 Outlander? The book says to bring it in for an inspection, however, I'm confused as to why as I only have 2300 miles on it and it's only 3 months old. An inspection of what exactly is what I don't understand. Any insight would be helpful. Thanks!


  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 580
    Time for a checkup with your dealership probably, usually for an oil change. 3mos is about the right interval for an oil change. Your dealership usually reset the message when they do the service.
  • rascal6rascal6 Posts: 2
    Thanks. That is what I kind of assumed, but I wanted to be sure it wasn't anything major. Couldn't I just reset it myself seeing how I am nowhere near due for an oil change? I know it's been 3 months, but the mileage itself is under 3K and the dealer I bought it from said with Mitsubishi you can actually go 4K before needing one.
  • batman47batman47 Posts: 606
    The Outlander XLS 2008 has a button “INFO” at the left of the steering wheel and also my car has the MMCS (the Navigation System) screen to the right. This NS has also a button “INFO”.

    Both “INFOs” can give you warning messages and it depends on how they have been set. The right “INFO” is relatively easy to re-set manually and doing this the warning messages can be stopped. However, the setting on the left “INFO” is usually set in the factory or by the dealer using a special scanning machine where numerical numbers are entered. The norm is that you should change the oil at 1000 miles first and after at every 3000 miles. I have learnt how to set values in both “INFO” just by reading carefully the Owner’s Manual.

    The setting on the left is the culprit of some puzzle warning messages. You may re-set only when you are above the pre-set value done by the dealer or manufacturer. My advice may be: do not take the values entered by the dealer as written in concrete. Read your service information and you will see what is best for your car. I personally use synthetic oil 5W-20, and change it every 8,000 miles. The USA oil filter is sub-standard (Japanese oil filter is fatter and better quality) so keep the original as much as you can, let’s say change this OEM filter at 15K or 20K miles and from there use the sub-standard oil filter. Mitsubishi dealers want to keep you coming and if you are not car conscious you are done and will throw money to dealers when you could do many jobs yourself. There is a column here in this forum “Maintenance”. Read this column and it may help you.
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