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fascia surround for single din head unit

sick_em_rexsick_em_rex Posts: 3
edited March 2014 in Hyundai
I have an 07 Santa Fe and want to fit my own single din stereo head unit but the existing one is double din and slightly oversize. Does anyone know of any aftermarket fascias with a pocket and that will fit? I am in Australia and am having problems finding anything here at all.
Thanks :)


  • I'm not sure why, but my previous reply to this post was deleted. (Perhaps one of the hosts could enlighten me?....)

    Metra Electronics has a single-DIN install kit with a pocket, model number 99-7325. Surely it's available to you somehow, even in Oz?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    No deletions show up in the logs. Maybe you landed on a server that was hiccuping and the reply got lost in the ether... apologies. :blush:
  • Hey thanks heaps for this. I will search for them on the net and see if they can possibly send me one. I really appreciate your info.
  • Metra likely won't sell you one direct, but I'll bet they have a distributor local to you who can recommend a car stereo supplier who can sell it to you. Scosche is another company who makes equal kits to Metra and would be equally acceptable. Just stay away from American International, a third manufacturer who sells kits to the likes of WalMart - they're not very good.
  • I got onto the Scosche distributor here this morning, they had 1 in stock they had bought in as a sample so they happily sold it to me.
    Many thanks again, you really helped me out :)
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