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Avalon Laser Cruise Control

lucky4me2lucky4me2 Posts: 15
Is there a way to reprogram the laser cruise function to toggle 1 mph up/down instead of 5 mph? As those who have it know, when bumping the cruise up or down when in laser mode, it goes to the nearest 5 mph increment. When in the normal mode with the laser disabled, it toggles 1 mph like it (seemingly) should. This may have been discussed, by my search turned up nothing.


  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Try posting in the general Avalon discussion for your car. We have discussions for 2005-2006, 2007, 2008 and pre 2004 models. You'll find them in the list here: Avalon group.

    More people will see your question that way. Good luck!
  • I own a 2005 Toyota Avalon. My cruise control stopped working in 2008 and I took it to the dealer. Their shop gave me an estimate of $1024 to repair it. They said it was caused by collision and I should report it to my insurance company. I took the car to a reputable body shop. He put it on a lift and said there was no body damage to repair. Since I am an insurance agent, I was not happy that the shop suggested that the insurance would pay for this outrageous estimate. I took it to a a mechanic at a small shop. He wiped the area of the sensor cleaning it and it worked. I have never returned to the dealer. I had my car serviced by the dealer from July, 2005 until January 2008. They never provided me with a warning about the oil hose which they knew was faulty from a Toyota Service Bulletin dated December 2005. My hose leaked in February 2009 and caused the car to stop. All oil had leaked out. My mechanic was unable to get the part from Toyota as it was on backorder and he replaced it with another hose. When I called the dealer to ask about the oil hose problem, he said he had never heard there was a problem with these hoses. He suggested that the problem may have been caused by having a technician not certified by Toyota work on the car. As everyone knows, that hose has now been recalled and I have had it replaced by a different Toyota dealer. I am now trying to recover my costs for the replacement last year which their recall notice says they will reimburse. In spite of these problems, there are so many things I love about my Avalon - size of the trunk, comfort of ride, gas mileage, turning radius - but these ongoing problems are so disappointing.
  • I have 200 miles and have the same problem of having the laser cruise control increase or decrease in only 5 mph increments. I am having the car brought into Toyota to reprogram it to 1 mph on 2/25/10. Will let everyone know how they did. I will not be very happy if they do not correct this problem.
  • cmb08cmb08 Posts: 24
    Wondering how/if your problem was resolved.

    Question to you and others:

    In CA all the LTD models come with laser cruise (whether you want it or not) doesn't seem to be an option.
    Do you think it is worth it?
    Does this option allow you the choice to turn it off...and have it function like a traditional cruise control?
  • mattratmattrat Posts: 2
    The dealer said that the laser cruise control works as designed and only can be changed in 5 mph increments. For example, if you set the cruise at 67 mph, the laser will keep the distance between you and the car in front of you up to 3 distances (long, medium, and short) at no more than 67 mph. If you move the control up, it goes to 70 mph, down to 65 mph. 67 mph will not be seen again. Medium seems to be the best choice. I think it is awesome (wives do not like any cruise control). You can change it to a traditional cruise control by simply pushing the control forward. Then the 1 mph is the changes for each push. After each turn off the power of the cruise control, it defaults back to the laser. The laser control will slow down to whatever the traffic is going and even hit the brakes slowly (brake lights come on), and then speed up after the road clears up. I love it. Do not know how much it costs since it is came with the car and I believe is standard on the Avalon Limited (not the XLE).
  • I have a 2007 Avalon equipped with laser cruise. Recently, the laser system will not recognize cars in front of us. Also, the system will alarm and activate the brakes with nothing in front of us. I took the car to my Toyota dealer and was told that the lens needed cleaning and should work fine now. WRONG!!! The cruise is doing the same thing. Now the dealership says that there is a problem with the laser cruise systems and Toyota is discontinuing them. Is anyone else having the same problems? Any suggestions? Thanks.
  • I can't believe Toyota doesn't have the laser cruise control on the '11 Avalon. Guess I'll keep my '06. I wouldn't give up my laser cruise for anything!
  • I am having the same problem with my 2009 Limited, and have not gone to a Toyota dealer yet. Am hoping that someone can advise how to fix this without it costing an arm and a leg. Thanks!
  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 336
    I have an 08 Avy with laser cruise. I was considering a new 11 or 12 Avy but no laser cruise is a deal killer.
  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 336
    Will someone positively confirm that starting in 2011 Toyota dropped the laser cruise on the Avalon? Or not.

    I'd like to replace my 08ltd but no laser cruise is a deal killer.
  • nimiminimimi Posts: 249
    That is correct. It is no longer an option.
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