91 Trooper Requires AC repair/replacement

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I am about to purchase a 91 Trooper. Everything works good except for the AC. Since it is 1991, can the AC system be recharged? Or does it have to be upgraded?


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    The a/c can still be recharged with the old-style Freon, but it's expensive, and you may have a hard time finding it (a shop has to do it). The stuff is no longer produced, but there are a LOT of existing and recycled sources, so it'll be around for a few more years.

    I have an '89 Trooper that was professionally converted to the new r-134a and have been disappointed -- the air just isn't cold enough in hot, muggy weather (Washington, DC). I'm going to explore switching back to one of the other Freon alternatives (example: Freeze12 -- no endorsement implied) because the new stuff is so marginal.


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    Wow - exactly the issue w/ my 99. DC area and I am recharging the system every summer. Can't find any leak. Would it make sense to replace the system and if so, with what?

    Thanks for help.

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