GMC Yukon In-dash Info Screen

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I know that you can clear or adjust some of the info like clearing mileage, etc.

On my 2003 Yukon XL it shows your "Average" fuel economy and Actual fuel economy. So of course when the gas pedal goes down, so does your miles to the gallon. My 2006 Yukon Denali XL has the same "Average" but no real time. (My guess is they didn't want you to see your getting 2 miles a gallon when you press the pedal down.)
Is there a way to add this to the program? My guess is it's there, just has to be added in the mix. Anyone know?



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    We have an 05 (SLT, not Denali) and it does not show instant, only average (since the last time you reset it). Instant may be a bit depressing, but it may also lead to some good habits in certain drivers who feel the need to race to the next red light...
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    Agreed! I was hoping it might help me like it did in our 03 Yukon. It just makes you more aware.
    Any programmers for GM out there?
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