Inertia switch location

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Well, my beloved LS got wrecked :sick: and now won't start. I found and checked the fuel pump reset switch and it didn't activate, it is sitting flush in the housing and has pressure on the fuel rail right after cranking. The radiator is broke, she went under the bumper of a truck, killed the hood, fender and core support. No harness looks damaged. The car will crank, but after a couple seconds the gauges, speedo and tach, sweep 0 to max and return. Scanned codes and nothing comes up. The airbags didn't deploy. Is there an inertia switch to reset on an 01 Lincoln LS beyond the fuel pump reset switch? The radiator support did cut into one wire to the harness on the mass air meter, would that blow a fuse causing it not to run, no I don't remember the color of the wire.
Thanks for any info.


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    It was a blown fuze, it runs now so I moved it , now I just need a front clip and radiator...
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    for the update. Glad to hear you were able to find the problem.

    Hope you're able to get the rest of it fixed without too much pain, financial or otherwise.
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