Isuzu Tire lugnut Problem

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I have been told by my neighborhood tire store
that they cannot rotate my tires on my Isuzu Rodeo
anymore because they are afraid that my tire
lugnuts will be striped or the studs will break
off. They claim it is an Isuze problem of inferior
metal in the studs and lugnuts. If they break
them it will cost around $90 per wheel to replace
them. Isuzu says it is a recognized problem that
was caused by overtightening of the lugnuts and
they will not admit any liability.
I am inquiring to see if other SUV owners and
Rodeo owners have this problem.


  • bnormannbnormann Member Posts: 335
    My coworker had this exact problem with his Rodeo. He had to have all the studs replaced by the dealer which cost him big $$$$. But he had no choice, can't very well drive an SUV without wheel studs can you......

  • hprickettxhprickettx Member Posts: 23
    Long ago I had a car that would regularly break the wheel studs. I would check them once a week and replace any that were broken.

    Replacing them yourself is not that difficult. Requires a lot of elbow grease, but could save you mucho $$.
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