Windshield Wind Noise "Honking" Specific to '08 GC & T&C

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I've not been on this forum for long, and came here to find information on the "honking noise" appearing to come from the dashboard, when the vehicle is at 70 mph +, and more so when driving through a crosswind. It can, at times, sound as though there are multiple points of origin for the noise. In the case of my vehicle, it has been intermittent, sometimes lasting for several minutes and then stopping, and not recurring for hours, even if the driving conditions remain the same.

While I did find information in other threads within the forum, the threads seem to have diverted into other areas of interest, which for others with this specific issue, will not be relative. I'm hopeing a seperate post will be more effective. (Moderator, your welcome to move my previous replies to this post).

On Wednesday, July 3rd, I spoke to the Chrysler engineer that worked this issue. The cause is the gap and/or flap of rubber moulding between the "A-pillars" and each side of the windshield. The fix, as you may read in other posts, is an application of silicon into that gap, and evidently under the thinner flap of the moulding material that lays against the pillar.

After my conversation with Chrysler, I forwarded an email to the engineer regarding my experiences with various "5-Star" dealers, trying to verify this issue and get a technical service bulletin reference. Until I heard from Chrysler, I had only received inconsistent and incomplete information; some service writers couldn't find any information on "wind noise" with the van......this in the face of two other national issues; roof rack and sunroof.

I'm waiting to hear from the engineer at Chrysler with a firm Tech Service Bulletin number, so that I can share this with others in our corporation who are driving the same vehicle, and have had similar difficulties getting a resolution.

Al in SoCal


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    Aha! So my wife is not crazy. he just got back from a road trip and reported this sound coming from out '08 GC. She says it usually sounds like it is coming from the center top of the dash, above the radio I think. I don't get much chance to get it up to those speeds so I only thought I heard it once.

    Please keep this thread up to date with any findings you get. Can you please direct me to these other threads you mention that refer to this issue?

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    Hi i have this wistling noise in my 08 GC and have no idea what it is and I don't think the dealers do either. I was wondering who knows what it is? It happenes when I reach about 65 MPH. The dealer said that its bent windshiled wipers but that seems like it not right. Cause they said they fixed it, but it has been a week and still making the noise. I will try the racks on top of the roof today and see if that works but, if not what could it be? I heard the seal might not be good around the Windshield. but if anyone knows for sure let me know thank you!!

    Does anyone know for sure?
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    I have also been posting in the other forum not dedicated to the whistling noise ([email protected]@).

    I have an '08 GC and our whistling noise was "diagnosed" as #1 passenger side rear mirror, and roof racks and then the seal around the windshield. Service department order new windshield and gasket. This seems to have fixed the problem. I leave for Myrtle Beach (from Maryland) in a couple of weeks so it will be a great test then. I will be taking some tape with me just in case I need a quick fix.
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    After reading the other thread, I found alsterling, "2008 Chrysler Town & Country/Dodge Grand Caravan" #365, 2 Jul 2008 7:39 am
    which mentions a specific bulletin: "honking sound windshield issue, silicon repair." bulletin #PT9001890.

    After that message though, there are still a few pages of people discussing how difficult it is to get the dealer to acknowledge the issue. Has anyone mentioned this bulletin to their dealer?
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    Now I'm glad I started this seperate post just on the windshield borne noise. Although I was an still am a bit confused over the apparently redundant sub-headings for Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth Voyager mini vans. Maybe I missed the "Chrysler-Dodge Minivans - All" sub-section? Then if each topic were strictly held to focus, it might be easier to nagivate. I'm still glad I found this site, regardless.

    As for the windshield noise fix. We're on our second day of high speed testing after I siliconed the sides of the windshield. I didn't bother to go under the flap of the rubber moulding, but just ran a bead of clear silicon in the major gap between the A-pillar and the visible rubber moulding. I then used a water-wet paper towel to wipe the silicon down and into the gap. And very important; I used 3M painter's low-tack blue tape to mask off the rubber moulding and pillar, such that the silicon would be limited to traveling into the gap and not onto the auto body or moulding.

    I'm still waiting for the engineer to answer my email with a specific bulletin. But if you contact any dealership service department, just tell them that they should find at least 3 bulletins on wind noise:

    1. Luggage rack...improper installation...needs to be repositioned
    2. Sunroof...???...???
    3. Windshield...silicon seal between A-pillar and rubber moulding, under moulding flap.

    Even without the bulletin number, you should be able to find a service writer somewhere that knows how to search his tech service bulletin pages by the keywords; wind noise windshield honking whistling, etc. ;)

    Good luck, Al
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    I called my dealer about what to do about the noise. They told me that the bulletin #PT9001890 was not a real number. What the dealers are using is Permatex brand, Flowable Silicone Windshield Sealant. The dealer charges $8 for it, but you can buy it at a parts store for way less.

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    Your dealer is correct. The number I was given by a dealer a few weeks back was boogus. But the repair instructions that I got from the Chrysler engineer was all I needed. He still hasn't replied to my email with the tech service bulletin number. I'm going to send another email and call him more time. As far as I'm concerned, I fixed the issued a couple weeks back as mentioned in one of my posts. I just used a clear GE exterior grade silicon. I masked off the metal on both sides of the gap, and ran a bead of the silicon down both sides of the windshield, then finished it with a pass of my gloved finger. It was neat and best of all, immediately stopped this issue. My concern was for our other drivers in the corporation. The less I have to deal with a dealership, the better.
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    We got a 2008 Gr. Caravan with NO roof rack. If we're driving (mostly on concrete roads) we get a noise that sounds like one of those "chimes" to warn of low fuel etc. We listen and can't concentrate the noise to any area but "front".

    Could this be the windshield noise you are talking about?

    Thank you. It only sounds sometimes and not others but always at 55MPH or above.
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    I've never heard that "electronic chime" noise ................. only the "honking geese" noise. Regardless, you can get the windshield pillars re-caulked with silicon regardless. This is an acknowledged issue from Chrysler-Dodge, and although I'm disappointed in not hearing back from them with the bulletin number, if you approach any dealer and ask for the "windshield noise fix" as described in my posts, they should be able to accomodate you. My problem was that I didn't want to leave my van at the dealer, so I just did the repair myself.

    Ironically, my right front brake caliper started "grinding" yesterday, 13k miles so far, and now I'm torn between going to the dealer under warranty or taking the van to my local Firestone where I can watch them work and get it done quickly while I wait.

    Good luck, Al
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    Don't know where you live (big city or small) but at our dealer if I ask and tell them I want to see the work done--they let me walk over and watch for awhile.

    That warranty is so good and free that I'd get all work done at the dealer and then if something is wrong with the work--you won't be thrown back & forth between people who worked on your car!

    Thanks for your help--PS--on a 120mile trip expressway we're getting 27.8mpg and around town about 19mpg--great news for us!
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    Well, we're in Southern CA, and it is rare that any dealer will allow anyone in the shop area. Most obvious, and regardless of how hospitable the dealer may want to be, there are incredible liability issues. It's a fleet vehicle, so our time is more valuable, sometimes, than free service under warranty. For the brakes, I'll have Firestone do an oil change and just do a quick wheel pull inspection. If it's a factory failure, then I'll have to schedule a rental, but if it's crub on the rotor or pads, I may let them take care of it right there.
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    Hello - Wife and I have a 3 week old 2008 GC with the honking noises alsterling describes. We put masking tape over the gaps between the A-pillars and the windshield weatherstrip and the noises are gone! We've tested speeds up to 82 mph. Wife has the van for a 1200 mile highway trip this week. If she says there's no more noise we'll take the van to the dealer for a permanant fix. The blue masking tape stripes clash with the sunburst orange paint scheme. Thank's, Al, for targeting the problem area.
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    I think i get the area you guys are talking about. Any chance of a pic or illustration of exactly where this tape/silicon is being applied?

    When I was getting the noise, I found it would go away for a couple/few minutes if I pumped washer fluid on the windshield. The fluid must have filled up the same gap.
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    The gap is between the rubber seal around the windshield and the painted metal pillar that supports the roof. When I first read alsterling's description, I thought the gap was between the rubber and the glass. So, first I applied tape over this area; it didn't stop the noise. Tape over the rubber/metal gap works. Wife's report from her road trip is that she hasn't heard a squeak.
    To find the affected area: Put your finger on any part of the windshield and work left or right. At the edge of the windshield you'll encounter approx 1/2 inch rubber weather seal, then a 1/8th inch gap, then the painted metal surface of the A pillar. I applied tape over this gap from base of the windshield to the top (about 2 feet length) on both A pillars.
    Tape worked as a temp fix / troubleshooting aid. The silicone sealant should work as a permanent fix. It seems like a filler of some kind, like the thin rubber tube that holds a window screen in it's frame, could work as well. Gotta see what Dodge has come up with.
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    Finally took it to the dealer and talked to the service manager about the honking noise. All my wife had to say was "Around 65 miles per hour..." and the manager knew EXACTLY what the problem was. He said the dealership had fixed this problem on 14 cars over the past 10 months. First time, they replaced the windshield. Now, it's a known problem with the simple fix of squirting sealer into the gaps around the windshield. Makes you wonder, though... we ordered this van in late May, took delivery on July 10. Did they know about the problem then? Why didn't Dodge apply this fix before the van left the factory, or even the dealership?
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