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Idling Problems

mbogdenmbogden Posts: 1
edited April 2014 in Ford
I brought my 2001 Ford Windstar around March of 2007. It had 110k miles on it and it drove good. Then now all of a sudden it is having idling problems. I took it up to a mechanic and they said that it was the catalytic converters and the sensors I changed them but it is still idling very rough. Took it back up to a mechanic and they said it needed the fuel injectors cleaned so I did that and it is still idling rough. I took it back up to a different mechanic and they said it needed a tuneup so I did it and it is still idling rough. I have done spent $1,000 on it trying to fix it and I have no idea at what else to try. The check engine light was on but now that the catalytic converters and the sensors are changed it has not came back on. I took it up to auto zone and had them put it on there machine and they didn't show no code. Could there be something that I am missing?


  • my 96 windstar wont idle. it dies when i stop. runs great once i get going. 190k any thoughts before it goes to a mechanic? db
  • Engine would die right after ignition. Would spit and sputter, idling at very low RPM if I kept pushing gas pedal and slowly released. If I could get it in gear w/out it stopping, then it would run until I stopped for a traffic light etc. This problem comes and goes, worse in cold weather.

    Thanks Gayle
  • I am thinking of purchasing a 2001 windstar with 105,000 miles, for around 3500. Is this price somewhat in the ballpark of what you paid for yours?
  • selooseloo Posts: 606
    Check the ICV. It is just right of the intake and left of the air filter housing.

    Common problem on these cars. You can replace or just clean.

    When my 2000 WS has idle problems I tap the metal cylinder and unplug then re- plug the electric connector and the problem goes away.

    Good Luck
  • fordsuxfordsux Posts: 8
    My 98 ford windstar has been idling real slow. Its almost like you cant even hear it running. Recently started having problems and its been just dying while driving. The car just dies and steering gets real hard to steer.Doesnt do it all the time but its getting worse by the day. I had the fuel pump and filter changed, Any suggestions before i drive it off a cliff :) Please anything will help. Im stuck!
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