Volkswagen Jetta vs Chevrolet Malibu

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My wife is torn between the Jetta or the Malibu. I know this is a VW forum but please try to have an open mind.
The Jetta is the Wolfsburg edition. (turbo,auto, leather, heated seats).......21/29 MPG.
The Malibu has the 2LT package. (equipped just about the same as the Jetta).......22/30 MPG.
I have read that the turbo that VW is putting in the Jetta is not the most reliabilable. Also VW's are more expensive to repair compared to GM. Also the Jetta runs on premium where the Malibu needs regular. This would not be a deciding factor.
With all things being equal (options, price) which one should she get and why.
We have never owned a VW always GM. We like the Jetta but never having one we are a little nervous.
Thanks for the replys.


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    If you are concerned about the turbo and premium, why not consider the Jetta with the 2.5 engine?

    The Jetta (with 2.5) has average to above average reliability, according to CR.

    The Malibu is quite a bit larger. So if, for example, you ever want 3 in the back seat it is likely much more feasible to do in the larger Malibu.
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    go with the turbo! if you have not driven it yet, it rocks! we settled on the
    2.5 for my wife, because she has a lead foot and the 2.0t would have gotten
    us in big trouble. It is a blast to drive!
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    I set up this discussion to appear in the Malibu group as well. :)
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