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Hi Everyone
I am planning on buying a 2009 Forester 2.5X Ltd in the next couple of days. I was wondering which port installed accessories I should order. Any suggestions about which accessories are a waste of money or which is better port installed or after market would be appreciated

splashguards, cargo tray and rear bumper cover
body side molding to protect doors in store parking lots
rubber floor mats for winter
bug deflector – will it help protect windshield from rock hits?
roof rack round crossbars – I would like to carry a canoe and didn't know if it would be better to buy one of the roof rack systems or the Subaru crossbars
auto-dim mirror – is this worth $200?

Thanks for your help


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    All are useful, but if you live in summer climate you probably won't need the rubber floor mats. Cargo tray will protect the cargo bay carpet, which does

    If it includes a compass, AutoDim mirror can help with direction orientation. It doesn't dim all that well, though, IMHO.
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    Splash guards are key - my van doesn't have them so the area behind the wheels get filthy.

    Cargo tray is also nice. Keep that cargo area looking brand new.

    Rear bumper cover is important. You can stand on it to load the roof rack. Paint will scratch.

    Those are the ones we have.
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    I have the splash guards, rear bumper cover and cargo tray on my Limited. I also have the side moldings and auto dimming mirror. I feel that these are all important features. The rubber mats and the bug deflector can be added later as aftermarket items if you really need them. My car also came with cross bars, but I have not installed them since I don't carry anything on the roof and they can be the source of wind noise.

  • djmacedonasdjmacedonas Member Posts: 12
    My dealer recommended nothing, but car included the following:

    Cargo cover
    Splash Guards
    All weather mats
    Bumper cover

    I added:

    Side moldings
    Cargo Tray
    Auto-Dim mirror
    Dealer threw in aero cross bars

    Dealer agreed that those were the only really useful accessories. I was skeptical on the auto-dim mirror, and almost canceled it, but now believe that it really is a must have.

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