2009 Infiniti G35

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The G35 is on my short list (along with TL), but i'd like to see the 09's, if it's not going to be long. Thanks.


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    Probally late summer/early fall. Dealers are already taking orders. But no one knows how much they will be. If you order one now, you'll just agree to pay however much over invoice. It will probally be a little more than the G35(upgrades-trans, brakes, new engine). In 2 more years is the time infiniti usually changes the whole car. They usually go 4-5 years between changes.

    Acura hasn't even showed the 2009 TL yet. I've seen spy photos. The A-spec TL should be out a year after the 2009 release.
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    Thanks, loudog2. So, what's the typical $ over invoice? Lots more than you could expect to bargain for after a new model hits the showroom?
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    I think one person agreed to $500 over invoice. The other was a $1000 over invoice for the G37 sedan.. You can almost steal a G35 sedan away from dealers now. Most people are wanting the G37, but dealers need to get rid of the G35. The G37 won't have the incentives like the G35. Yes, they are only paying $500 above invoice. But with no rebates and people are getting the G35 under invoice before rebates.

    So if you want to save a couple thousand get the G35. Plus people are thinking the price of the G37 might be 1-2k more than the current model.
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    I am very interested in the 2009 G35. The only thing that keeps me from buying is the MPG. According to all the reviews that I have read, the gas mileage is horrible. What exactly are you getting as far as MPG? I talked to a guy at the dealership and he said that he was getting 24. I know that is what the sticker says, but I want to know actual MPG.
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    I have the 2008 and I only get 20 mpg... if I am lucky and drive interstate on a long 3 hour trip I may get 23. Using premium of course.
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    Ditto.....strictly around town (Light suburban...no bumper-to-bumper) 16-17. It's actually embarassing. 07 Sport Auto here
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    about 18MPG around philly and south NJ, 23.5 on the PA turnpike w/ an '08 X.
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    this point was touched on in previous post, but wanted to drive it home. no more g35 in 2009 as it will be replaced by g37 sedan. not sure what updates to expect, supposedly out in Europe now. I'm sure you can google something on it.
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    The 09 will be the G37. It is supposed to have a 7 speed transmission. The current G35 has a 5 speed transmission that is geared for performance, not economy. I refused to buy one due to the high RPM (over 3000) on the highway. Hopefully with the 7 speed transmission the highway RPM will be lower and the MPG higher.
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    I test drove a 2008 G35x today with my husband & really just loved it. My husband is 6' 6" and was comfortable enough as he has trouble being comfortable at all in some cars. I want the Ivory Pearl with nav and in the AWD model. We don't have a lot of snow most winters but it has been know to get bad so I feel this is something I need. In our area and within about 200 miles, there are none. The salesman did say a few things are changing with the 2009, like the things mentioned above and a feature I have gotten use to, my doors locking when you either shift into gear or go so fast. He didn't give me details.

    I was wanting the .9 APR financing but since there are no 2008 available, I suppose I will have to wait. I can but just don't want to. The salesman salesman also said there was $1000 incentive right now as well. Oh well. I settled on a car once I ended up hating and I do NOT ever plan on doing that again.

    Any advice, any more information on the 2009's is appreciated. Should I order a 2009 & maybe pay a bit more? or wait and take a chance that it may not come in? and maybe have incentives added? Thanks in advance. Kathy :)
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    Always get the newest model year you can afford (With the exception maybe of true 0% financing which is them really paying you in in any inflationary times..which we are heavily into). The resale value should you have an insurance claim or go to sell or trade it in is worth it alone. Add the new transmission which will should save you enough gas $ to keep you off of the MPG boards complaining like those of us who are embarassed by our mpg. My TL had the autolock feature...thought I would miss it, but the auto-seat-egress thing is PRICELESS ! !
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    I too agree if you can get 0%, then you should get that particular model year. I debated too about either getting an '08 G35x seden or wait for the '09 G37x. Now certainly I would have liked the extra power and additional features that the '09 will have. But if you think about it, the '08 already has 306hp, plenty enough for everyday driving. Also, you'll have to assume the '09 will cost more and you won't get as much of a deal on it as you would on an '08, assuming you can find one at this point, which may be difficult. If you're looking to hold the car long term, then resale value doesn't really matter. The dealerships are trying to get rid of them, as I got a fantastic deal on mine last month.
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    I purchased an '08 G35x last March and truly love driving the car. The responsiveness is something else!! The rear drive has it all over the front wheel drive Acura TL. It's simply a blast to drive. My only complaint is of course is highway gas mileage.

    My normal combined driving gets me somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 to 20.5 mpg. But on the highway, the previous posts are right on. Turning over 3k RPM at 75mph is a bit hard on the wallet. The 23mpg is about right although I have seen it creep up closer to 24mpg.

    I too have been trying to see what the 7 speed transmission will do for highway mileage. I doubt it will make any significant difference in everyday driving.

    So my advice is to simply to the match. It's very simple to calculate your gas expense for a given year. If it's worth it to you to wait. Otherwise, save your money up front and start having fun tomorrow!!!

    Hope that helps!
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    I see 20 G35x and same amount of coupes and standard G at a central NJ dealer, so just shop around. There are many sitting in inventory.

    BTW, .9% is as low as I've seen to date. THe same dealer has a teaser rate for 2Y lease for $345. That ain't happening.

    Also, if you look at the inventory, the cars do not show exact options for the MSRP. This makes it more difficult to compare options, so be careful in the hunt.

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    I purchased G35 new approx. 1 year ago, after about 12k miles I started experiencing (ramdomly) what can only be described as an extended crank problem. It has not yet failed to start however, it is scary when you are away from home and your car takes several seconds(more than 6) to start. I know it is not bad gas as I have switched to several different brands and the problem still happens. There are no error codes generated and the dealership has replaced several parts to no avail. I have been attempting to get Nissan/Infiniti to step up and address the problem however, all they seem to want to do is continue swapping out parts. Has anyone else had a similar problem with a starting hesitation or extended crank?

    Thanks for your replies!
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