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Toyota Matrix Car seat installation

hmarhmar Posts: 15
edited May 2014 in Toyota
I want to install a Graco Snugride (rear facing) infant seat in the rear center seat of my '06 XR. I know there's no center LATCH system, so I have to use the shoulder and lap belt. Here's something I can't seem to get straight, due to the inadequate and confusing instructions from both Graco and Toyota - will I need to use the metal clip for locking the shoulder belt provided by Graco, or can I just belt it right in, no extra parts required?
Anybody out there have some experience with this?


  • indgomtrxindgomtrx Posts: 7
    I don't have a car set nor have I tried to put one in my car. I also ignored the salesman when he tried to explain it to me since I told him no kids were ever going to be in my car. Also have an 2006 XR.

    Look at at your owner's manual starting on page 80. There "top" anchor brackets are behind the rear seat on the floor. The manual shows the little images that identify them.

    If you've registered your car on, you can do a search for for it in the owner's manual. I think I searched the term car seat, but I think the term "LATCH" will also work, beginning with page 80, the instructions seem pretty clear (but I never attempted to use a car seat so maybe that's why it seems clear to me). Page 69 describes the different types of child restraints and refers you to page 80 for "Using a top strap". In between 69- 84 there is guidance for the different ways you can strap the car seat in. Hope this helps.
  • hmarhmar Posts: 15
    Ah, you poor, unsuspecting, car-seatless person, if only you knew the evil that is variety of car seats and their installation options.

    Unfortunately, the description and diagrams in the owners manual are so generic as to be basically useless for the seat I have to install. The instructions in the seat's manual are clear, up to a point, except for whether or not I need to use the dreaded locking clip, which, if necessary, is a form of torture that I'd love to avoid, if possible.

    Thanks anyway.
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