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2005 Surburban Tire issues

crewdawg28crewdawg28 Member Posts: 10
edited April 2014 in Chevrolet
Anyone have issues with the Bridgestone Dueler HT tires on their Surburban? Had the dealer put two new ones on the front but they are feathering too. Had the front end alignment checked 3 times at two diff places and all state the front end is spot on. ???


  • arriearrie Member Posts: 312
    ...feathering too.

    Can you explain little better what happens to your tires?

  • crewdawg28crewdawg28 Member Posts: 10
    Bought vehicle used and both front tires were feathered badwhich cause the road noise. Had dealer put two new tires on front and I rotate them every 3K miles. New tires are feathring/cupping now on edges. Had front end checked by two diff alignment shops and truck was in spec. Now all 4 tires are feathered and cause that tire noise that kills me. I have been told by a tire tech that this tire has had issue when put on the Chevy Surburban. Getting ready to buy new tires now after 56K miles and will not buy HT's...
  • arriearrie Member Posts: 312
    I had Duelers on my Tahoe, don't remember which model it came with, but those tires are garbage. They are too weak to hold the truck under heavy braking or at fast turns. The rubber "studs" that you ride on lean too much causing severe handling problems and under braking the tire kind of "rolls" on those rubber studs.

    I had an issue with front tires wearing on inside edge forming flats (cupping?) around the tire and when checked for alignment it was (toe) right in the middle of the spec. When I was ready to replace those Duelers I had my toe closed to the minimum limit on that spec. Now with Good Year Triple Tread Fortera tires I don't see any sign of a problem yet. Has driven only about 6000 miles on them though.

    Do you drive a lot on highway, i.e. fast speeds? Down force with high speed pulls truck down and opens the toe and it could be your problem. I think this is the reason for my problem since 85% of my driving is on highways.

  • crewdawg28crewdawg28 Member Posts: 10
    About 65% in town and rest hwy. Just got the phone with a tire dealer and he stated they were OEM tires and not very good. He recommended either the Michilen OR Uniroyal cross country which is a sister company of the Mich folks. Guess I will see...
  • rodonnellrodonnell Member Posts: 37
    I would think there is a problem with the alignment if you are getting feathering that quickly. But as you say, it has been checked and is spot on. My other check would be with the front bearing assemblies. GM is notorious for installing garbage for bearings.

    I had experience with the Brigstones on my last Suburban and couldnt stand them. Very noisy.

    I am using Goodyear Wrangler AT/S on my current 2003 Z71. On my second set now, the first set lasted 66,000 miles. There was plenty of tread left on them, but I blew one on the highway and there was indications of dry rot so I went ahead and replaced them all. Have 30,000 on them now and there is still lots of life in them. I highly recommend the Wranglers.

  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    There's a Goodyear $50 rebate floating around right now. I've seen the offer at Discount Tire and the Tire Rack - it's probably nationwide. Not all model tires are eligible though.
  • camocavcamocav Member Posts: 7
    Sounds all to familiar guy! I have a 2004 Suburban AWD and yes I had the same issue BIGTIME as I was having the tires balanced and rotated every 1500 miles due to feathering, vibration, etc. I called several other dealers in the area and they had "internal" agreements to replace the tires at no charge. My dealer was going to buy two and I had to buy two, but I was still pissed as this was GM's problem. Everybody knows these tires suck for this vehicle, but GM won't do anything about it. I complained to GM and they offered me a 60,000 mile/3 year "Major Guard" extended warranty, so I accepted it, but I've had other little issues too!

    They issues were fixed, but for a $40,000 + vehicle, this is unacceptable!! I like the size and power, but the craftsmanship sucks!

    How many miles do you have on the vehicle now? I would call GM's number and complain if the dealer won't replace them at their expense..
  • crewdawg28crewdawg28 Member Posts: 10
    Took truck to old school alignment shop and he stated that the toe looked out and will cause this issue. Adjusted and seems to be getting better. Going to replace tires soon and looking at the Uniroyal Cross countries. Of course the dealer and another alignment shop stated it was GTG. Guess time will tell...
  • arriearrie Member Posts: 312
    In regard to my earlier post I put 12 000 miles on my Good Year Fortera tires before first tire rotation. Front tires did not show any cupping or inside edge wear at all. It seems like the toe adjustment (closing) really made the difference as if the toe was ok before adjustment then now I should have a wear problem on outside edge on the front tires. Can't see any sign of that either.

    Just for info. The Forteras are very good tires for my Tahoe. I can highly recommend them if someone is looking for good tires to replace those Duelers.

  • crewdawg28crewdawg28 Member Posts: 10
    Time did tell! Old school alignment shop did the trick and put a set of TOYO cross county HT on and they are soooooooo quiet!! 3K on tires and no defects or noise yet and don't expect any. The Brigestones were indeed crap! Looks like the toe had to be churched up even after the front end was within specs..
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