Infiniti M35/M45 Lighting

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Has anyone been annoyed by the fact that the high beams are sending the light beam way too far up in the air and not on the road the way they should be ? There appears to be no way to adjust them down the way you used to be able to do with older car headlights by turning the screw holding the lamp in the frame. This is annoying and dangerous not to be able to see the road in he distance at high speed.


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    Depending on which headlights you have, they are either controlled by the computer or mechanically. If you have the adaptive headlights that turn with the steering wheel, they can be adjusted via the computer by the dealer (but they may not agree to do it, depends on your state laws - mine wouldn't). If they are mechanically adjusted, you can turn the cam to move them up or down. The computer controlled ones are motor driven, and the stepping motor and sensors control it. The light is actually not going up, it is just being cut off and you need to adjust the cutoff, not the height. Possible either way, but only user adjustable if you have the mechanical version.
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    Does anyone know the type of light bulb for the head lights and the high beams? I look it up in the manual but could not find it...thx
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    Assuming the HID low beams, it looks like that bulb is a D2S and the high beam is a 9005.
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    I had the same problem and the dealer replaced one of the entire light modules. It did help but they are still not the greatest high beams. Actually my biggest complaint is with the low beam xenons. They light up the road with a brilliant beam that cuts off about 20 feet from the front of the car. If I am traveling on a four lane divided highway where I can't use the high beams, I literally can't see anything beyond 20 feet in front of me. This is extremely dangerous since I live in a state that has one of the highest incidents of deer collisions. The dealer has told me that there is nothing they can do to correct this.
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    The HID height is controlled by the computer which controls the motors. The height can be changed, but local laws may prohibit the dealer from doing it. You need the Infiniti computer to access the proper menus...a generic device that can read codes won't do it (or so I've been told). I've not asked a local shop if they can access it, but the dealer checked mine (lights against the wall), said it was within spec and refused to raise it slightly. This is a common problem with HID's, and in my opinion, resulted partly because of the poor control most of the first generation had for height (sometimes almost none - put a big load in the car and they really could blind oncoming traffic). So, as a result, they've all adjusted them lower than I think is prudent. While I hate it when people do this, maybe running with the fog lights on would help. BTW, if the lenses are a little dirty, you get more coverage since it scatters a little bit...not that I advocate a dirty car.
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    Maybe I'll get few bags of sand and throw in the trunk. I have an appointment this coming Tuesday to have the lights looked at. It sounds like it's going to be like you mentioned. Shine the lights against a wall and tell me they're ok.
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    If the lighting control works properly, the computer will adjust the lights so they remain parallel with the road so adding weight in the trunk won't make a difference. the only way to make the beam go higher is to finagle the adjustment...the easiest is via the computer (which requires the Infiniti software and computer to access).

    The M's have a couple of different lights available...but it's my understanding that all of the HID's are controlled by the computer. If you didn't have the HID's, there's a knob to adjust the height...isn't there on the HID setup.
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