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Isuzu Axiom Surging

03axiomxs03axiomxs Member Posts: 3
edited July 2014 in Isuzu
It may be a problem with throttle position sensors, but it definitely feels like a fueling issue at times.

Under fairly heavy acceleration in 2nd gear, the car does not accelerate smoothly it almost feels like the computer is rapidly changin its mind about how much fuel it wants to dump in the engine.

Also when I am climbing a steep hill in 2nd gear, I push the accelerator, and the car doesn't really respond (I am not lugging the motor), and then downshifts to first and of course the engine screams and the car flies up the hill. This is really annoying. It should have plenty of torque in 2nd gear at about 3k RPM to climb any hill, wihtout having to wind it out in 1st.

Any thoughts?


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    AxOnTheGoAxOnTheGo Member Posts: 2
    I've had a lot of fuel injector problems with mine. Sounds like the same thing. I even use gas with detergent. If you haven't done it before, Shop around for prices. The dealership charged me $250 an oil change place $75.
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    03axiomxs03axiomxs Member Posts: 3
    If I understand correctly you are saying to run a quality injector cleaner, or have a "fuel injector cleaning" session at a local oil/lube place?

    Did these help or did the problem come back quickly?

    Thanks for the response.
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    03axiomxs03axiomxs Member Posts: 3
    If anybody still cares... had the TPS at the pedal replaced. Car runs much better. It threw a code and it was a bad TPS after all. There is still a little surging under very heavy acceleration, but the car now responds to gas pedal inputs much better.
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    lntaylor66lntaylor66 Member Posts: 1
    edited March 2010
    :cry: I took my 02 axiom xs in and they put a new inhibitor (sp) switch in. Car drove great for 2.5 weeks, then it started flashing abs and acting like it was the switch again, dealer replaced a fuse and all was working again. Drove the car for another week and then the Check TOD light come on this time they put in another inhibitor switch I have not had my car back 24 hours and guess what? you got it the check TOD light comes on....I will once again go back and have them to look at my axiom. Has anyone had this happen? or know if there is something else to look at? This car has been wonderful and i do lots of driving...would love to have this fixed.
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