replace rear gate lifts on 2005 trailblazer

fritzermanfritzerman Member Posts: 1
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How do I remove and replace the lift cylinders on the rear tailgate?


  • kymms39kymms39 Member Posts: 4
    Yeah I live in Michigan and my entire rear window smashed out last night so I am looking for a rear window tinted black and heated anyone have a trashed front end trailblazer that is totalled I am looking to buy a rear window ASAP....
  • hirsch1hirsch1 Member Posts: 1
    i just fixed mine carefull you have to be spefic about EXT or LS the EXT is more money and 6 inches taller i have the ext the auto glass company repaired it turned in in to comp on insurance
  • burdawgburdawg Member Posts: 1,524
    A long time ago we had to replace the rear window on the back of our 02. It was over $2000, with only about $100 of it for the installation.
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