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Nissan 350z Starting and Stalling Problems

kalaniekalanie Member Posts: 3
edited April 2014 in Nissan
Does anyone have any advice? I bought my Z 2005, from the Delray Beach Nissan dealer in 3-06. The first year about four times the car did not start on the frist try but did on the second. Anyway it started to be more often and I had the battery changed and about a month later it happen again. I took it to the dealer and they told me I had an unauthorized key and they have to reprogram the keys and I will be charged for this. I replied with, I bought the car there and it was a left over and the sales dept probably lost the keys and gave me others, there for I should not be charged. They said it is out of their hands call Nissan's 800 number. He proceeded to tell me I need front brakes, which I knew, and rear and fluilds changed. On the front brakes it will be $1500. I took to friestone and they said we can replace the pads and it will be $200. At this point I am not very happy with the dealer. What do you think?


  • louscalousca Member Posts: 1
    Hi All

    My 350Z has recently developed a problem where it takes up to 10 attempts to get the car started. Usually i find this problem does not happen the first time i take the car out but the 2nd or third start of the day.

    It doesn not happen everyday and i may go a week without a problem.

    The car always eventually starts and runs beautifully once it does get going.

    Any ideas? Has anyone had this problem and resolved it.

    My Nissan service dealer has not been helpful.

  • kalaniekalanie Member Posts: 3
    I had this same problem. I was almost going to Lemon Law the car. Nissan could not figure it out and when I would drop it to them they said it always started. Anyway it could be two things, take ALL the keys in and have them reprogram the keys. The problem with my car was the airbag sensor. One day the airbag light was on and Nissan said to bring it in right away. They had to replace the airbag sensor with a brand new part. After this was done I have never had the starting problem again. So have them replace the airbag sensor and it should be under warranty. Good Luck!
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