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1989 Toyota 4Runner Fusible Link

paullispaullis Member Posts: 5
edited March 2014 in Toyota
I have a blown 80 amp fusible link in my '89 4Runner. I cannot get it out. Any suggestions?


  • paullispaullis Member Posts: 5
    Lug nuts on my '85 Chevy pickup are rounded off and I cannot loosen them with a socket. Any suggestions? I think the last guy who put them on wanted to show his strength. Also, while we are at it, what would be the proper torque for lug nuts?
  • paullispaullis Member Posts: 5
    I have an '85 Chevy C-10 farm truck, 4WD, 4 Speed stick, 350. The stock rear end, 3.09, has locked up and the ring and pinion have clashed. I need to replace same. I have found a rear end but the axles are 5 lug/2WD. How difficult is it to swap my 6 lug axles with the 5 lug on the replacement rear end?
  • goodstargoodstar Member Posts: 27
    Last night I had trouble removing a oil pan drain plug because the head of the plug was rounded off. I tried to use a pipe wrench and vice grips but neither would work. I went to the Advanced Auto Store in my area and purchase a set of "bolt-grip" sockets, used an impact wrench and was able to remove the plug. These sockets are made by the same people that make Vice Grip pilers. They come in 4 different different sizes in the package, and I'm sure you could get one large enough. Cost was less than $24, it was well worth it, as I was able to change the oil in the car. I'm not sure it would work for you but it is worth inquiring about it.
  • paullispaullis Member Posts: 5
    I have heard of these before and thanks for jogging my memory. I will get a set or at least the size I need. Thanks again.
  • riverdog1riverdog1 Member Posts: 1
    Were do I find the fusible link? My truck goes dead as soon as I unhook battery. Could this be the fusible link?
  • paullispaullis Member Posts: 5
    No, the fusible link shuts off the EFI so the truck would not even start without the link. Looking from the front the link is on the left wheel well inside of a block.
  • greatestmindgreatestmind Member Posts: 2
    some fusible links are secured by a screw on one of it's stems.
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