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Enclave--engine starting by itself.....yikes!!!

sugarbear7sugarbear7 Posts: 5
edited August 2014 in Buick
Our Enclave has started by itself on several occasions. It was parked in the garage and also in a parking lot and just started. The engine reved up & down a few times, the headlights come on then it shuts off. We do have the remote start feature, but no one ever touched the remote. This is so freaky! We took delivery in June and wow this is crazy!
Anyone else experience this???????
Waiting on the dealer to advise us on this.
We also asked for the update on the transmission, we feel like the old folks driving on a Sunday, we'll have to see if that helps, it shifts from 1st-3rd then has very little power, you have to stomp on the gas to move.


  • zman3zman3 Posts: 857
    There is a TSB dated May 8th that through software modifications adjusts the shift points and whether the torque converter locks or not that deals with the transmission issue. We had it done and it is night and day difference. The best way to describe it is that the vehicle shifts like you would expect it to now. They warn you about an adverse affect on mileage but after two weeks ours is pretty much the same or maybe even slightly higher than before the update. I can probably track down the TSB number if you are interested.
  • ZMan Thanks for the info, I'll let you know what happens when we get it back from the dealer. They are still working on the problem with it starting all by itself.
  • After the software update was done, we now are able to pull out into traffic and feel we have the "Power"!!! Yeah. Has not affected gas mileage too much. It was definately worth mentioning to the dealer.
  • Dealer was not able to figure out the problem. They disconnected the "Remote Start" and said to see what happens over the next month. They also said there have been a few other reports of this accross the US of the same problem. I am really wondering what the heck they are going to do?????
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  • The 1st error was when I tried to start 4WD 1500 5.7L with @ 120K miles it just clicked once. Battery is new so I thought maybe the starter had a dead spot. As I was pulling the starter, it engaged! Crap, forgot to unhook the battery. Pulled the negative termil off then thought maybe it would work now so I put the starter back in and secured. When I went to reconnect the - battery terminal the truck tried starting all by itself.....with the key off.

    Pulled the starter and bench test fine, replaced the solenoid just for grins. Put starter back in and now I cannot connect the battery without it trying to start on its own?

    Dealer has no clue......unless of course I have it towed in so they can look at it.

    Any ideas anyone? Thanks :confuse:
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