1999 Blazer: Door sagging problems

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Hi all,

I have a 1999 Blazer. I am having issues with a sagging driver's side door. It is so bad that I have to do a bit of lifting to get it to shut. I need the car to stick around for a bit longer. Anyone have any ideas on solutions?

Thanks for your help.


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    I don't know about Blazers, but I've taken doors off before and messed around with the hinges (link).

    I never could get them adjusted very well after messing with the hinges, so I'd recommend you stop by a body shop and see if they could adjust it for you.

    If you decide to play with it yourself, a scissor or floor jack can help support the door while you try to loosen the bolts and adjust the hinges.

    The strike plate may be an issue too, so check that.
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    Worn out hinge pin bushings are a common problem on S series trucks and suvs. A replacement kit is cheap at most parts stores, but you will need a spring compression tool for the door spring.

    One of the causes is that the rain channel from the top of the door dumps water right on top of the bushing, washing away the lubricant. After you replace the hinge pins and bushings, be sure to keep a good coating of white lithium grease on the top of the hinge pin to help prevent wash out.

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    S series hinges are not adjustable. They are welded on both the door and the body, and sag when the brass hinge pin bushings wear out.

    Cheap fix, not too hard to do. But you really should use a spring compression tool for the door hinge spring. That baby is small, but under a lot of tension!
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    This isn't like one of those strut deals where the spring is going to slip if you dont' use the proper tool and put a hole in the garage roof is it? :shades:

    Good info - thanks!
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    Yes. Yes it is.

    Little bitty short spring, whole lotta attitude!
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