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GMC Jimmy Power Mirror Wiring

traderjacktraderjack Member Posts: 2
edited March 2014 in GMC
Hi folks. Nothing in my search so heree goes...

I need to replace the driver side mirror on the wife's Jimmy(car wash accident). I have a replacement coming but I can't figure out how to get at the wiring harness plug inside the mirror??

I called the dealership and was told there were 3 screws, but I certainly can't find them...

Any advice as to how to get at the mirrors internals so I can disconnect the old mirror and connect the new mirror to the harness?

Thanks a million for your help!


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    steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    I've taken mine off my Nissan and looked at a friend's Tacoma - both of our side mirrors come off by removing three bolts. The bolts are hidden behind a plastic fascia that just snaps in. Maybe yours is similar?

    This may help too.

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    traderjacktraderjack Member Posts: 2
    I've had the mirror off the car.
    The mirror is held to the door by 3 nuts that fasten to 3 threaded studs inserted into 3 plastic bosses on the mirror frame. The plastic bosses are broken. I have epoxy holding them right now but I don't expect it to last very long.

    If the mirror assembly itself has any bolts or fasteners, they certainly are hidden well. I suspect they are behind a 'snap in' panel as you mention, but my question is, which panel is the one that 'snaps in'?

    Of course, once the replacement mirror arrives, I can experiment on the old one and pry all I like to discover the 'secret panel'. I was just hoping a member could share which panel was the 'secret panel'.

    Thanks for your reply.
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    steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Ah, gotcha. Yeah, I don't know how to dismantle mine much further than taking it off the car. It's full of epoxy too, and I have to reglue it every year or so.

    Good luck with it!
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