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Volvo C30 Real World MPG

tlandstlands Posts: 1
edited April 2014 in Volvo
Please post about your c30 gas mileage. Please include info about city/highway miles driven. I am very interested in a new c30 but would like to have a bit more real world examples first.



  • hotx3hotx3 Posts: 71
    My wife gets about 25 mpg in her '07 v1.0 with auto. This matches almost exactly what she got in a '99 Mystique with the 6 cylinder engine. She likes the Volvo's extra power, especially on I 80 near Chicago. Her commute is about 1/3 surface streets and 2/3 expressway.
    I believe we got 28+ on a road trip last fall.
  • seaconseacon Posts: 1
    I recently purchased an 2008 R-design 6M (new). At 3k miles and a lot of cold NE weather been seeing between 25 and 29 mpg. Hope to see better in the spring
  • My gas mileage (4400 miles) is averaging 22 on the computer. Last tank was 19. v1 w/geartronic. Lots of moving parking lot stuff getting to/from work. All worth it, though, when I open her up for a brief moment or two... :shades:
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