Saturn S-Series Brake Problems

mom7xmom7x Member Posts: 1
This morning the button on my brake handle popped out. Any DIY fixes for this? I will be taking it apart and looking at it asap but wondering if anyone else has had this happen.


  • oreaz12oreaz12 Member Posts: 4
    ses lite comes at speed on as the car slows on compression ses out as you add power for what seems to be the same duration as the slow down on compression.
    New 02 sensor new egr valve EGR solenoid is next........,All else is normal idle mpg
    pwr warning lites etc..
  • leahsmomleahsmom Member Posts: 3
    Found the answer and part number on saturnfans. Ordered the $30 part and shouldn't have a problem installing.
  • charski01charski01 Member Posts: 1
    In June 2008 my ABS dash light came on occasionally so I took it in the Zip in and Out for a diagnostic.
    First the mechanic said it was my ABS sensor unit and it was shorted out and said I could drive safely without it.
    Drove it home and noticed the brake pedal now went to the floor and the emergency brake was real easy to pull- no resistance.
    Back to the shop....THEN he said they found it was the ABS sensor unit leaking into the master cylinder and causing it to fail. My questions are....
    1. Is it possible for the ABS unit to leak into the master brake cylinder and cause it to fail?
    2. Could the master brake cylinder failing cause the ABS light to come on?
    3. What else could cause the ABS light to come on?
    4. Would doing a computer diagnostic test check both the master brake cylinder and the ABS unit?
    5. Could the computer diagnostic test cause failure of either the master brake cylinder or the ABS unit?
  • slarson1slarson1 Member Posts: 2
  • slarson1slarson1 Member Posts: 2
    We had sudden brake failure on our 2002 L200 that could not be duplicated and they say there is no other complaints of such a event. I am trying to figure out if there are any other complaint/case numbers that people have from when they took their car in to a dealer. Please email me at [email protected]. And information is appreciated!
  • j1bhicksj1bhicks Member Posts: 1
    Anyone have a problem with relay chatter noise coming from driverside firewall area
    when pushing on the brake while car is in motion ? Brakes seem to operate just fine. :confuse:
  • jkorvettejkorvette Member Posts: 1
    I am having trouble with my 96 Saturn SL where the ABS light comes on occasionally and the problem is low pedal. It seems that the rear brakes are not working. If I adjust the rear brakes up (by removing drums) the pedal is better for a short while. It is as if the rear brakes are not getting pressure due to a bad master cylinder or malfunctioning ABS valve not allowing pressure to reach the rear brakes.
    What did you find to be the root cause of your brake pedal problem as it sounds similar to mine. Thanx, Jeff
  • kittygkittyg Member Posts: 1
    My 2003 LW200 experienced a master brake cylinder failure this past Sat.
    It is currently at the dealership being repaired, to the tune of almost $3,000. They tell me this is rare and can provide no cause or explanation. The left front and right rear brakes froze on and caused a fire in the wheels.
  • 2saturns2saturns Member Posts: 1
    Hi I know this was a while back. This morning I experienced a sudden brake failure and haven't been able to replicate it. Did you ever hear from others or get the problem fixed?
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