Need help with Break lights, 2001 LS 3.0

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Checked fuses, all fine. Pulled break lights, working fine. When I use the car alarm and double hit the lock button on the key fob the break lights flash. The only problem is when I hit the break, I get nothing, no lights except for the middle light on the back dash.

Any ideas? Again, left and right break lights are non responsive when I hit the breaks.

Please advise.


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    Strongly advise buying a dictionary first. The brake lamps are separate from the tail lamps even though they may be a single bulb. Try replacing the bulbs.
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    well thank you for your unkind words, a dictionary is not something that is needed.

    I strongly advise you read what I wrote.

    I PULLED THE BULBS. They are on seperate bulbs for the break and the tail. I PULLED THEM, THEY DO WORK.

    Again, I strongly advise you read what I wrote before acting ignorant next time. Thanks!
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    Apparently it is needed, because you're still calling them break lights.

    The tail lamps and brake lamps are both together in one bulb (3157K) with 2 elements. The tail lamps can work while the brake lamps don't. Since the CHMSL works it's almost guaranteed that your brake lamps are out.

    Put in 2 new 3157K bulbs and that will most likely fix your problem. And even if it doesn't you've ruled out that piece of the system.
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    are they not the lights hooked up to a circut that lights up the "lamps" when I hit the "breaks?"

    Instead of acting like the grammar police, you could have politely addressed my question, knowing perfectly well what I meant.

    Moving on now...

    Is there anyone with an opinion other than commisioner dictionary here, who might know another cause? Seeing as I've replaced both bulbs and stated that I have ruled it out as a probable cause? I'd greatly appreciate any POSITIVE input.

    Thank you
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    You never said you replaced the bulbs - you said you pulled them and they were fine. If you've already replaced them and they still don't work but the CHMSL does work then it sounds like a wiring problem.
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    it might be the switch at the pedal, but since the centre light works. . .

    So, like Allen says, it's looking more like a wiring issue -- something between the CHMSL (centre light, I assume) and the trunk wiring.

    I almost chimed in at the beginning to let you know you were going to hear about your spelling, but I'm getting older and (slightly) less inclined to stir the pot.

    Good luck. Let us know how it turns out.
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    help! Brake lights on 97 Trooper not working. Worked for a couple days after changing the fuse, bulbs are fine, works when put new fuse in. Please tell me this is not a wiring problem! At first I thought it was switch at pedal, but obviously not if everything works when I put in new fuse. How come fuse only keeps it working a couple days???? Getting frustrated.
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    Can anyone tell me how to get to the center brake light bulb. Thought i read about some wingnuts in the trunk, but on mine there are no wingnuts, the nuts are tack welded to the base and the screws are protruding through them.
    thank for any advice
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    First, open the trunk. You will then need to peel back the felt liner enough to access the three nuts you will need to remove. Two of them are easy enough to see, the third is accessed through a will need an extension on your ratchet to get to it. Take great care with the 3rd one as it is easy to drop and will be difficult to retrieve it if you do. Once these three nuts are removed, take a hammer or mallet and gently tap the bolts that you removed the nuts from. Tap it toward the rear of the vehicle.......the entire light housing will easily be removed from the rear of the vehicle. Find the light you need to replace and turn the housing 1/4 turn - pull it out and you will see the bulb. Pull out the faulty bulb and replace it with your new one. Pain in the butt, but easy enough if you know how to operate a job time 15 mins.
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    He was asking about the CHMSL, not the taillights. I removed it once but forgot how I did it.
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    I too cannot figure out how to replace the chmsl
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