Honda Accord Burning Oil at 139,000 miles

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My 1991 Honda Accord EX began burning oil about 1
year and 10,000 miles ago. Prior to this point it
used no oil and did not smoke. Now it used about a
quart of oil per month and smokes quite a bit.
The smoking is greatest upon application of the
accelerator immediately following in-gear
deceleration (e.g. coasting in gear down a hill).
I took it in for a checkup and the mechanic told me
that the engine was bad. What should I look for
to determine if it's the rings vs. just the valve
guides? I am ready to replace the engine if needed
but would rather fix the immediate problem instead
of paying the big bucks. Ideas? Thanks.


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    I would suggest going to the Honda Accord Problems, Part 2 forum-- there's a Honda tech there who really knows his stuff. I imagine the hosts will freeze this topic, as it's a duplicate.
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    Good advice, lancerfixer.

    mountainman, here is a link to the topic where your question will fit right in:

    Honda Accord Problems (Topic #1398)

    Check through the existing posts there - maybe there is something helpful already there for you. But if not, go ahead and repost.

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    Thanks for the bookmark...appreciate your guidance
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