2009 Aura

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Please post any information about the 2009 Aura here.

I'll start it off with a question. The new 2009 Aura is going to receive the 6-speed transmission with the 4 cyl engine. Do you think that the fuel economy will be higher with this new transmission?


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    From what I have read on the internet, the new rating for the 6 speed automatic 4 cylinder engine will be 22/33. Currently it's 22/30. I really believe 6 speed automatics should be standard on midsize sedans. The gas mileage is better and overall drive is better. Saturn is moving in the right direction by making 6 speed automatic standard in the Saturn Aura.
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    Does the Saturn Aura (2009) have the wiring harness for the side view mirror so a non-heated side mirror can be replaced with a heated side mirror? Or are they different harnesses? Anyone know?
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    About a month ago I purchase a used 2009 Saturn Aura XE 2.4L 4cy. So far I have been very pleased with this vehicle. Since I haven’t found any major flaws I wanted to ask a question about a very minor one. When I first opened the spare tire well in the trunk, I found two cargo nets presumably designed to fit on the on the posts provided for them, one set in the middle of the trunk and another set at the very end of the trunk. The first thing I noticed about these nets was that one appeared to be slightly larger than the other one. I’m sure I can figure out which one goes where, but what I can’t understand is why one of the connecting loops on each net is longer than the other three loops, and not just a little bit longer but at a full six inches longer. Can anyone tell me why this is the case.
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