It Just DIED !!!!

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I have a 1990 Dodge Dakota with w 3.9 V-6. Coming
home from work yesterday at 55 mph it just shut
down. After waiting about 15 minutes, it started
back up amd I drove it home (approx. 3 miles). I
thought I might have got bad fuel as I had filled
up on my way to work. I replaced the fuel filter
and added some gas treatment. I started to work
the next day and only made it about 4 blocks and it
shut down again, will not start. I let it sit
until I got home from work, it started right up and
I drove it home. I let it sit in the driveway and
idle, after about 5 minutes it shut down, will not
restart until I let it sit. ANY ideas ?


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    I'm no mechanic, but I had a similar thing happen to a 73 Plymouth. It something with the ignition wires. They replaced them and it ran fine. In my case the engine, lights, horn, radio, etc. quit. It would run fine until it got hot, then shut down. Hope that helps.
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    I would recommend that you check for any computer codes. This may lead you to the cause of the problem.

    Could be almost anything from a bad sensor to a plugged catalyst converter.

    On my 86 ply. rel. there was a bad cat. conv. which gave similar symptoms.

    I had a ford ranger which would die in the winter time, it turned out to be a bad damper valve which lets the hot air get to the carburator. The carb was freezing up on me. has lots of useful information on chrysler stuff.

    good luck
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    It could also be the computer shutting the vehicle down because it thinks something is wrong. I'd reccomend against driving it anymore until you get it checked out, as the computers are programmed to do that to prevent more damage from occuring.
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    Thanks for the ideas everyone. FYI it ended up being the distributor "PICK UP COIL". Thanks again all!
  • bobs5bobs5 Member Posts: 557
    Great to hear that the problem is fixed.

    Did you have to go to a mechanic or did you track down the problem yourself?

    Thank you for coming back and posting the resolution of this problem.

    Good luck.
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    MY Dodge ram,1995 5.2ltre will just cut out,like maybe not getting enough gas. i can let it sit for a while and it will run fine. i'm getting no computer codes. i've replaced the map senscor, and the throttle control pistion snscer, tuned it up, new plugs wires cap. i even have had a mechanic look at it. we think we have found the problem everytime, and still it will just quit. it's been cold or warm, dosen't seem to matter, but will start up the next day like nothing is wrong. what should i look for next.. oh yes, the fuel pump holds pressure, feul filter is clean.. please help.. thanks tim!!
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