Saturn S-Series Heating / Cooling

wretchasketchwretchasketch Member Posts: 1
The temperature control doesn't change the air temperature on my 94 SL2. If I slide the control all the way to the red, the air blowing out doesn't get any hotter. If I slide it all the way to the blue with the AC button and the recirculating air buttons depressed, it doesn't get any cooler.

The blower fan works fine, the AC is charged with refrigerant, the compressor looks like it is working, and all the related relays and fuses seem to be okay. I've taken the radio out and loosened the heat/air control. The cables for the vents and the temperature are both attached. Maybe the temp control cable is broken down the line somewhere.

What else am I missing that could cause this? Something simple I hope!




  • eddington6theddington6th Member Posts: 1
    I have replaced the thermostate and I still do not have any heat. I checked the heater coil and it is not leaking in the car nor is my windshield fogged up. The dealer wants to charge me $400 to put in a new heater coil. They will not try to send water or air to see if it is clogged. Has any one had this problem?
  • shopdog97shopdog97 Member Posts: 160
    This just started happening on my 96 SL-1 very recently. I started the engine last week one day and on came the cooling fan! I've had this car for 2 and a half years now and it just may be the most trouble free 35MPG vehicle I've ever owned. Now I know in the summer if I have the A/C button pushed in and turn the fan switch on, the fan runs too. But it's cold now in the morning here in Pa and the A/C and Recirc button is out. It hasn't done it the last few mornings when starting, so it seems to be an intermittent thing all of a sudden. It has just never happened to me with this car before, if it does come on, it goes off fairly quickly. My question is this-Is there a sensor that tells this thing when to come on possibly going out? And where would this thing be? Any help with this I shall appreciate. Thanks!
  • danatursvcrsedanatursvcrse Member Posts: 1
    It has a Temperature sending unit that controles the cooling fan motor. It is probably defective. When it goes bad the motor also runs rough, sounds like it wants to die, at low idle. When you replace this temp. sending unit that fixes the problem.
  • trace3trace3 Member Posts: 1
    how difficult and about how long does it take to replace water pump thank you
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