GM Extended Warranty Question

rockman59rockman59 Member Posts: 250
I have an '06 Suburban on which the original factory warranty will expire in about 90 days. I am researching the extended warranty market and
would like to know if anyone on this board has purchased a GM extended warranty and if you have had any problems with GM warranty repairs. Any input on any other warranties would be welcome. I will be buying something in the 5 year/50,000 mile range and want full coverage and no more than a $200 deductible. Thanks for any info you can pass along.


  • arriearrie Member Posts: 312
    Don't waste money on GM warranty. GM did not fix my vehicle when it was only 2000 miles old when problems started.

    Its a kind of conflict of interest to have people diagnose and supposedly fix a vehicle that you pay warranty to, isn't it?

  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Member Posts: 867
    Black's Pontic in Pennsylvania is an authorized dealer that sells at a discount. Your Suburban shows to be a 'class 4' vehicle for the price lists. You can use the table that fits your mileage and months. Link to pricing is There is an explanation at the top of the pricing page that show which table to use. The GMPP starts from the purchase date and mileage, so if you purchase 60 month / 50,000 miles that would go from current mileage and run through that date in 2013. That coverage is a little expensive at $2695 w/$200 deduct. Looking at the table, the time may be more costly than the mileage. 48 months / 60000 miles can be had for $2030 w/$200 deduct. (These are off the older than 24 month with less than 36K miles.)

    Wow...I just took another look, if you have less that 24000 miles on your Suburban you might be in luck... 60 month/50000 mile coverage for that is only $1130 w/$200 deductible.
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    95 is an LT w/ cd, cst, 4x4, etc. with 95,000 original miles. I've owned it since it was new. Reasonably good condition new a/c, starter, alternator, belts, hoses, plugs, wires, brakes etc. I can get a newer '06 Suburban for @$21k w/ 34k miles. Book on 95 is just over $3k and '06 is tmv @$21. '95 running well, but now may be the time to deal. No current problems w/ '95 so far and I'd rather not inherit any problems if I get an '06. GMPP 60 mo warranty is just under $4k. Should I keep the '95 or go for the 06. The more I think about it, the happier I am with my '95 that the kids and I call "The Queen Mary." :D
  • arriearrie Member Posts: 312
    Your '95 is from time when they still knew how to make them!!!!!!
    Paying $21000 for a '06 with 34 000 miles IS WAY TOO MUCH!!!!!!
    You can get '08 with only 10 000 - 15 000 miles for about $25 000.

    But if you like your '95 why spend money for a newer one? If you care to read this forum under all topics you might not want to buy a newer one anyway.

    Like I said "The Queen Mary" could be far better, and in all honesty I believe it is much better quality vehicle that the newer ones. And don't even think spending money for any kind of GM extended warranty. They don't fix their vehicles under the factory 3 year 36 000 miles warranty either. Why would they do it under extended one?

    My advice to you is simply keep what you have. The worst case for you is that the engine and tranny go out. Well, have not seen many posts of tranny or engine going out in your vintage car. Have seen many trannys go out on very late models. Engines not but then there is this coolant leaking inside the engine problem.

    You can put a new engine in your car for about $ 3000 depending who does it. Tranny cost about the same or less. Worst case you talk about $ 5000 - $6000 investment on your vehicle.

    BUT, you only have 95 000 miles. Your engine is less than half way for normal wear and tear. Of course sh.. happens but when US car makers used to know how to make an engine it would go 1/4 million miles without problems if you change oil at required frequency. And guess what, the new ones do not give you any better gas mileage either.

    Just keep what you have and fix it when it needs it. For the engine I think you are just fine and I would not worry about tranny either. Just change the transmission fluid as you are at 100 000 miles. Next thing to go probably is the drive shaft, which cost less than $150 to fix at the dealer.

  • rockman59rockman59 Member Posts: 250
    No current problems w/ '95 so far and I'd rather not inherit any problems if I get an '06. GMPP 60 mo warranty is just under $4k. Should I keep the '95 or go for the 06.
    Keep the ' is a much better built vehicle, especially the engine and tranny. And that $4K for a GM warranty is outrageous. You can get a good indie aftermarket warranty that covers everything you need for around $1500 for 50K miles/5 years. But again I say....keep your '95. It should be good for at least another 100K miles.
  • crewdawg28crewdawg28 Member Posts: 10
    STAY AWAY FROM CNA NATIONAL WARR CORP! They have refused to pay for 2 repairs now and I'm asking for a refund. :lemon:
  • ronhere24ronhere24 Member Posts: 5
    rockman. you can email me directly at [email protected] to talk more but i have a 07 tahoe lt2 that has 60000 miles on it. the truck was good during the factory 36000 warranty. i have the 6 year 75 warranty on it and under that warranty u have had. i have had no problems at all with the dealer or gm.
    1. transmission repaired twice. $2500 total
    2. heater blower motor and actuators. $975
    3. cd player died $450

    i paid 1150 for the warranty 0 deductable and it saved me $2825.00 .....get the warranty
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    They have refused to pay for 2 repairs...

    What kind of repairs were they?

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
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    Is there a way besides calling different dealers to get a fair price to negoiate from.I have a GM certified warrant for 11 more months and then want to re-up how can i become knowlegable on a fair price for a 05 lacrosse that will have 50,00 in 11 months.Thanks for any help.Id like to get a 3/36000 or 4/48000 Al
  • lizdipitylizdipity Member Posts: 1
    you can get it online at a discounted rate. Or you can call the GMPP hot line and get it its a great deal no sales tax and i got mine with interest free financing 1-877-466-9166, i spoke with this woman Arlissa that helped me threw the whole thing then 2 weeks later i got the service contract in the mail went to my local dealership, who had told me i could only get it from him, to see if it was the real thing and sure enough his jaw dropped when he saw what i saved!!!
  • five04tluvfive04tluv Member Posts: 9
    Got 75/100 coverage for $1490 at sale time, No sales tax.

    I hope I need to use it to see if I needed it and hope I have no trouble.
  • frinksterfrinkster Member Posts: 1
    Where did you purchase your warranty?
  • 6passenger6passenger Member Posts: 9
    In the market for a certified pre-owned Yukon XL. Which I believe come with a 12month 12K mile bumper to bumper.

    What is the experience with GM's extended warranty. In the past I have purchased the Honda Care extended warranties which were an excellent deal. Extends the original warranty. Is GM's the same?

    Thanks for any thoughts...
  • winedogs1winedogs1 Member Posts: 1
    Do you remember what you paid and how many years miles you took?
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