Replacing Fuel Tank on 1999 Grand Cherokee

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I have a 99 Grand Cherokee, 4x2, 6 cyl. 4.0L engine and I apparently ran over something and dented the skid plate. Now the truck is leaking fuel. Ugly. So I more than likely have to replace the fuel tank. But I'm finding it very difficult to find the part and one parts store told me that I can only get it from the dealer. I'm hoping that's not true because I've seen fuel tanks for other models for $200 and Jeep wants to charge me $542. Any suggestions on where I could find a new fuel tank?


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    OOPS!..fikrst,there is a two part gas tank epoxy specifically made to fix punctures in the fuel tank-ive seen it at auto zone and similar places..even wal-mart..a cheap-easy -if not permanent should hold as long as you have the truck...
    clean the area around the hole,wipe off the gas with a clean rag,,mix the two part epoxy for about a minute,a let it dry overnite-or,if all else fails--READ THE DIRECTIONS! !;)..then,just to add authenticity,a piece of bailing wire on the exhaust pipe..this way,you can tell folks it's actually heald together with bubble gum and bailing wire ! !''in a pinch,use a wire coat hanger!!(hehehohohaha)--sorry,just had to add some humor!-really-the epoxy WILL WORK!!
    --second,--search used parts..i was looking for stock rims for a mazda mpv they only made three years-others didn't fit..i found a junk yard in california -where the 80 and the 5 were,between san francisco and sacremento,who claimed to have nearly EVERYTHING!!..and he had the rims i needed!!..shipping wasn't that bad,beat buying custom rims for a minivan!..shipping a fuel tank might be tricky,(has-mat)..but,not knowing where you is can be a tricky guess...try your local off road people/clubs,even craigslist,as SOMEOME is always taking a jeep apart,and usually have lots of parts left over--you might even find a entire car-not running-with the parts you need-for what the dealer wanted for that new tank! then you will have extra transmissions,wheels,all kinds of extra's-and sell them-and make your money back!!??!depends on how mutch time and money you want to spend..
    .worst case senario,find the local racing supply center,and put in a fuel cell-like race cars have..myself-i'd see if i couldn't pound the skid plate sort of back into shape,and use the gas tank epoxy..
    good luck! :sick:
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